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RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Mobb Ties

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“Havoc is a fuckin’ monster, B.”

You may have already seen a part of this segment where The Abstract speaks on Dilla, but he also gives it up for one of the greatest rap groups of all-time, Mobb Deep. If they’re not at least in your top 5, you don’t know shit about hip-hop.

RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Still Marauding

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More memory lane with the Tipster as he debuts, “Oh My God” for Puffy and Biggie, runs into Method Man at a Manhattan deli, and drops Midnight Marauders a week before Snoop’s Doggystyle. Sit your high ass down and learn something.

RR Video: Q-Tip’s Low End Theory

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As we continue on, Kamaal talks about droppin’ out of college, openin’ up for P.E. on the Fear of a Black Planet tour, and one of his favorite topics: N.W.A’s influence on the making of Tribe’s second album.

RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Path To His First Album

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A J Train-ridin’, pause-tape makin’ 15-year-old talks about creating his debut album, meeting De La Soul, the formation of Native Tongues and the bidding war that brought Tribe to Jive. On the latter, you gotta learn to live with regrets. Ha!

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RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Tribe Called Quest Beginnings (Part 2)

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A watermelon-eatin’ MC Serch. Red Alert’s record carrier, Baby Chris Lighty. The “Bridge Is Over” acetate. Who’s DJ Flamboyant? The origin of his group’s name. Yup, more crazy musings from The Abstract.

Bonus: Shut up and listen. 

“The Promo”

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RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Tribe Called Quest Beginnings (Part 1)

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Props to DJ Ness who beat us all to the punch with his 12 combo. But like I did with my Kanye West SXSW footage, I like to roll my shit out chronologically so you can get the real feel of what it was like to be there. Plus, it helps me keep better track of these large ass video files. Ha!

Anyway, this is the first interesting segment of the sit down where Kamaal talks about his childhood, losing talent shows in high school and how he got down with the Jungle Brothers.

RR Exclusive: Backstage with Q-Tip and Peter Rosenberg

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Had a wonderful time at last night’s Noisemakers event where Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg conducted a thorough interview with Q-Tip. Got a lot of great flip cam footage on the way. But first, there was a lil behind the scenes drama that needed to be documented. Let’s just say things got off to a bumpy start. Ha!

RR Exclusive: Miss Info’s Cam’ron Interview (Final Chapter!)

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“What is on there, Crisco?”

Not that they got all the Dip Set drama out the way, two old friends, Minya Oh and Cameron Giles candidly chop it up about fashion, personal style, hygiene, summersaulting stewardesses and Killa’s big booty-filled blackberry. Yup, this is pretty entertaining. Watch: It’ll make your bad day not so bad. Ha!

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RR Exclusive: Don’t Buy Asher Roth on 4-20

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Very well done. And really funny. I heart all the weed heads who are gonna think this is real deal Holyfield. Ha!

Sidebar: Scooter “Super Wavvy” Braun respects YN. Fuck Boy status has been lifted. Clean slate!

Oh go to A lil sloppy on the watermark. Our bad.

RR Video: Super Rockin’ Dr. Magic

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Rap Radar proudly introduces the Worst Rapper of All Time, Dr. Magic. [Not to be confused with Mr. Magic]. Peep the S on his chest? At the 5:00 mark, watch him bust a move on all you sucker MCs. 

Bonus: Now, usually I don’t do this, but uh, here’s a lil’ something for all you Youtubers.