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And You Don’t Stop: Hip Hop America

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In the final ep, 90’s hip-hop talent from different regions get shine (Detroit’s Eminem, ATL’s OutKast, etc.) and the struggles of female MCs are explored. Too bad that part is just as relevant today. 

Hope you enjoyed our program. Ha!

Peace to EMZ.

And You Don’t Stop: Life After Death

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Of course whenever you recall our history, you have to discuss the deaths of Biggie-Pac, East/West rivalries and how we survived it all.

And You Don’t Stop: Gangsta Gangsta

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This one is dedicated to the left side of the globe. You know the West Coast had a chokehold on the game. Didn’t know if they were ever gonna let go.

And You Don’t Stop: Bring The Noise

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Episode 2 focuses on the evolution of rap music in the 80’s into a multi-million dollar business. Truth be told: We was all rollin’ with Rush.

And You Don’t Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop

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Had this in the stash so long, I forgot I had it. This was an excellent 2004 documentary on our culture that aired on VH1 and was written by my good friend, Bill Adler (google him, kids!). There were five episodes and this was the first entitled Back In The Day. Like that 20/20 special RR brought you, we’re here to educate as well as entertain. All y’all do is steal content. Ha!

Ghostface Killah’s Style Is Futuristic

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“Every time I wear brown, I get into some shit”

In our final clip, Ghost talks about his colorful palette and gives insight about his Ironman cover.

Ghostface Speaks On Wizard Of Poetry| Ghostface Won’t Call It Quits If Album Flops |Ghostface Killah Explains “Message From Ghostface” |Ghostface Killah On Self Branding

Ghostface Killah On Self Branding

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This rap shit is like ziti and for years, folks have been eating off Ghosts’ plate. In the clip, Tony gives the secert to his relevancy and how he doesn’t mind you shark biters to make a lil’ C.R.E.A.M.

Ghostface Killah Explains “Message From Ghostface”

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“The bitch started talking back to me, B!”

Dennis clarifies that his song, “Message From Ghostface” wasn’t meant for Rhianna. Afterwards, he empathizes with Chris Brown and talks about how he used to smack his bitch up. No Prodigy.

Ghostface Won’t Call It Quits If Album Flops

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Last year, Ghostface vented about the lack of support for Big Doe Rehab and alluded to putting mic down. Well, it looks like Pretty Tone’s had a change of heart and says that he’s here to stay.