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RR Exclusive: Raekwon Ft. Method Man x Ghostface Killah “New Wu”

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In the clip, Raekwon’s shot another video for “New Wu” featuring Method Man and Ghostface Killah. This time around, Dennis couldn’t make it so Noreaga, Teyanna Taylor and Joell Ortiz got their close up’s instead.

Travis Barker Remixes “3 A.M.”

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Travis Barker knows how to party like a rock star.  After all, he’s had on the job training as the drummer for Blink 182. But truthfully, the So Cal native’s a hardcore hip-hop head. In fact, he’s fiddled his sticks for P.Diddy, Soulja Boy and The Game. More recently, he was commissioned to remix Eminem’s “3 A.M.”. Trav phoned in with Rap Radar to discuss how the project came to fruition. 

YN Meets Drake


The homie Peter Rosenberg’s Hot 97 Who’s Next series was extra packed and star-studded last night with Drake as the headliner. Still and all that didn’t stop YN from bumrushing the backstage area and gettin’ his flip cam on. Hey who could stop me? Dude at the end I didn’t like too tough, we might have to have a nice conversation next time I see him.

Sidebar: The host also accosted Drake and surprise guest, Mr. West.

E! Rapper Wives

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If you’re busy like me, you might have missed this. But thankfully, Rap Radar’s Crystal F got her rip game on. Don’t front, you know you wanna watch this. And hey, the Mrs. is in it, you gotta check it out. Ha!

Mos Def above. Paul Wall right here.

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RR Exclusive: Inside Khaled Khaled’s Studio

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“Is that all you monkey’s got?!”

No dancing this time, but this is still an interesting look into the making of Deeper Than Rap. After the jump, The Penguin pecks at Ricky to finalize the album’s tracklist. That Toomp sample cost some paper, huh? Let me find out.