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E! Rapper Wives

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If you’re busy like me, you might have missed this. But thankfully, Rap Radar’s Crystal F got her rip game on. Don’t front, you know you wanna watch this. And hey, the Mrs. is in it, you gotta check it out. Ha!

Mos Def above. Paul Wall right here.

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RR Exclusive: Inside Khaled Khaled’s Studio

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“Is that all you monkey’s got?!”

No dancing this time, but this is still an interesting look into the making of Deeper Than Rap. After the jump, The Penguin pecks at Ricky to finalize the album’s tracklist. That Toomp sample cost some paper, huh? Let me find out.

RR Exclusive: Eminem’s Relapse The Game

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Here’s the trailer for Marshall’s Relapse video game dropping this Tuesday, exclusively on iTunes. How’s that for cross promotion? Ha!

Relapse in stores May 19th!

Rick Ross Shows Special Ed Respect

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True story: Not to throw my man under the bus, but I gotta do it: B.Dot didn’t know the original author of Officer Ricky’s composition. Yup, he’s still on probation. Anyways, the delusional Black Jackie Gleason finally said something true: Youngest In Charge is a classic. Props to Ross for referencing the Rodeo joint a.k.a. “Hoedown.”

RR Exclusive: Eminem Freestyle (Tim Westwood)
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Em’s European press run is over, but here’s an exclusive vid from his visit with Tim Westwood. Full show will air Friday night on Radio One in the U.K.

RR Exclusive: YN vs. Wale

Had to pull an OG move and bumrush the backstage area to get some intvw time with Wale. We mostly discussed his upcoming album, but I did manage to throw in a Charles Hamilton question real quick that he wasn’t feelin’. Ha! “I’m just doin’ my job.” (c) Clifford “You’re Fired” Trump



RR Exclusive: G-Unit Day

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Guess someone forgot to tell those ThisIs50 fools, that it’s G-Unit day. Ha!

Oh yeah, I took a gander at your slander and without a government name attached, I don’t respect it.

Tune into Take It Personal for more of my thoughts. We know you listen.

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