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RR Exclusive: YN vs. Wale

Had to pull an OG move and bumrush the backstage area to get some intvw time with Wale. We mostly discussed his upcoming album, but I did manage to throw in a Charles Hamilton question real quick that he wasn’t feelin’. Ha! “I’m just doin’ my job.” (c) Clifford “You’re Fired” Trump



RR Exclusive: G-Unit Day

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Guess someone forgot to tell those ThisIs50 fools, that it’s G-Unit day. Ha!

Oh yeah, I took a gander at your slander and without a government name attached, I don’t respect it.

Tune into Take It Personal for more of my thoughts. We know you listen.

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The R.O.C. Takeover Puerto Rico

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Ok here’s the rest of my PR footage that I’m willin’ to share. Above is the full freestyle of lyrics from what would become The Black Album‘s “The Threat.” And after the jump, with their leader exiting the stage, the Roc Boys go crazy.

Jay-Z x Robert Goulet Skit On SNL

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I thought everyone remembered this, so I had to share. Will Ferrell and the R.O.C. Holla!

Something to watch while your Relapse file is downloading. Ha!

Two performances after the jump.

Jay-Z Fronts On Pharrell

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Back to the commonwealth, Hova pulls Skateboard P up on stage and let’s him do his song but leaves him hangin’ on the guest verse.

Sidebar: Yup, peep Kanye in the back.

Bonus: Forgot Cipha’s in this. Ha!


Jim Jones x Dame Dash Celebrate Obama’s Victory

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Meant to post this during all that 100 days talk, but last November while working on Hip-Hop Monologues, Da Capo and Jigga’s old business partner celebrated the election of our nation’s first Black President. It’s never too late to pop champagne to that.

RR Exclusive: A Bad Azz Service Announcement

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“The judge looked at me and said,’What’s happenin’ Boosie?’ He call me by my nickname, what you think I’m stupid?”—”Devil Get Off Me”

In the clip, Boosie address his frienemies after getting arrested two weeks ago and plugs his forthcoming album, Superbad: Return of Boosie Bad Azz.

Previously: New Music: Boosie Ft. Young Jeezy x Webbie

Rick Ross Is A Dancing Machine

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Through the smokey clouds, have you ever seen a big guy this light on his feet? At the 4:28 mark, watch Ross bust a move. Wait, is that the cabbage patch?!

Related: The video he lied about, premieres on BET tonight at 7:30 EST.

Rick Ross On 8 Mile Road

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“I’m goin’ block to block. Hood to hood. I’m goin’ where these other niggas won’t and where these other niggas can’t.”

Look what we found. Damn you Officer, will it ever stop? Today’s wrestling got less theatrics.