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RR Exclusive: Backstage with Q-Tip and Peter Rosenberg

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Had a wonderful time at last night’s Noisemakers event where Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg conducted a thorough interview with Q-Tip. Got a lot of great flip cam footage on the way. But first, there was a lil behind the scenes drama that needed to be documented. Let’s just say things got off to a bumpy start. Ha!

RR Exclusive: Miss Info’s Cam’ron Interview (Final Chapter!)

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“What is on there, Crisco?”

Not that they got all the Dip Set drama out the way, two old friends, Minya Oh and Cameron Giles candidly chop it up about fashion, personal style, hygiene, summersaulting stewardesses and Killa’s big booty-filled blackberry. Yup, this is pretty entertaining. Watch: It’ll make your bad day not so bad. Ha!

Previously: Part 3. Dos. Uno.


RR Exclusive: Don’t Buy Asher Roth on 4-20

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Very well done. And really funny. I heart all the weed heads who are gonna think this is real deal Holyfield. Ha!

Sidebar: Scooter “Super Wavvy” Braun respects YN. Fuck Boy status has been lifted. Clean slate!

Oh go to A lil sloppy on the watermark. Our bad.

RR Video: Super Rockin’ Dr. Magic

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Rap Radar proudly introduces the Worst Rapper of All Time, Dr. Magic. [Not to be confused with Mr. Magic]. Peep the S on his chest? At the 5:00 mark, watch him bust a move on all you sucker MCs. 

Bonus: Now, usually I don’t do this, but uh, here’s a lil’ something for all you Youtubers.

RR Exclusive: Yo Gotti “Sold Out”
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Here’s an exclusive* clip off Yo Gotti’s recent effort, Cocaine Muzik 2. 
*Does the word even have meaning these days? *shrugs shoulders*
Thanks, KC
RR Exclusive: Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Carter!

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Do you know what today is? It’s Jay and Beyonce’s anni-ver-sary. Yep, the Honeymoon is over. Traditionally, paper is the gift couples give each other after the first year; but we’re sure Bey and Jay already have enough of that. So to celebrate, YN dug in his bag of tricks and found rare footage of Shawn looking for love in all the wrong places.

“Ah man, Jay-Z please man. You on some ol’ love mission man. Com’on, man.”

True Story: April 4, must be a popular date in hip-hop. 14 years ago, 2Pac married girlfriend, Keisha Morris while locked up in Clinton Correctional.