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Andre 3000’s Concerned About His Future

3 Stacks continues to annoy me with his humility.

VIBE: Are you concerned about the future of your career?

Yup. Always.


Because the times are changing. You can’t run from time, no matter what you think. Some of the greatest people in the world, whom I love, time caught up with them. No matter how great they are, time catches up with you. And you have kids that grew up listening to you, that have learned and studied what you do, and perfected it, and took it to other levels—that’s what we’re here for.

I was influenced by somebody and, hopefully, I influenced somebody else. And then somebody get influenced by them—it’s steps. You almost got to make a way for what’s to come.

No you don’t. You gotta make dope shit and keep influencing them. Get in the studio and make the solo album we’ve all been waitin’ for. I’m gonna make some new T-Shirts: Veteran Rappers Need Teaching Too.

Props: V60

Semtex vs. Rihanna’s “Ghostwriter” Drake


In a park in the UK, the homie Semtex got Drake to pretty much admit Breezy’s ex smashed the homie. And oh yeah, the album… Yeah, guess Drizzy officially started workin’ on it yesterday. He wants Kanye to EP it. Jay and Weezy to bless it, and even ponders whether he should drop the damn thing independently. Um, that’s not gonna happen.

New Mixtape: Travis Barker x DJ Am “Fix Your Face Vol. 2 (Coachella ’09)”

 This is genius I tell ya, genius!

“Using the custom engine, TRV$ and DJ-AM will give away their new mixtape as a free download once a user has tweeted the message ‘Download the new #trvsdjam mixtape ‘Fix Your Face Vol. 2 – Coachella 09’ in exchange for one tweet! Download here

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