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The Mystery Man of R&B

Here in New York, thanks in large part to Hot 97, one song is startin’ to really make noise. His name is Jeremih and the song is called “Birthday Sex.” Red Cafe was smart enough to jump on it early but he failed to Jim Jones it. The original version is what the people want. According to this site, dude recently signed to Def Jam. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, get familiar.

{mp3}birthday sex{/mp3}

Update: Yup he’s down with the tone arm. Bet your bottom dollar, Mr. Nash ain’t feelin’ all that. Ha!


Vibe Shares Max B Leftovers

Here’s Vibe‘s transcript from their feature on the walking pull quote, Max B.

My editor wants to know about the Silver Surfer and the wave.
That’s the wave right there! Always got the red eye, the sour dies sticking to the walls. I like a bitch that lick the balls, hit the mall. I’m talking real shit, right? I ain’t a real nigga with my shit? I’m real with my shit, B. VIBE ain’t ever interview a nigga like Max Biggavelli. Max Biggavells-nells. These Dr. Dre headphones? These shits like 400 bucks, because they the ultimate. ‘Cause I’m wavy and I can just buy it up, because it’s a recession.

*dies a thousand deaths*