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Rare Footage of Notorious B.I.G. x Lil’ Cease in Rotterdam
There’s something about rare Biggie footage that leaves me transfixed. Well, here’s a clip of him and Cease-A-Leo doing an interview in Rotterdam (That’s in the Netherlands, kids) Big speaks on Life After Death and not associating with Craig Mack.
Is Craig on the album?
Nah, I dont fuck with that dude.
You can’t curse?
Yeah, you can curse.
I don’t fuck with that dude.
But I noticed on the remix of “Flava In Ya Ear”, y’all worked together
That was something I had to do. Its politics. Puff asked me to do it. I did it. I don’t fuck with that dude.
Update: Did Chingy Sleep With A Tranny?

Uhh, Howard? I think it’s time to breakout your emergency PR Kit. Transsexual rapper, Foxxjazell tells Street Disciplez Radio, that he she and Ching-ga-ling been intimate bay-be.
Interviewer: Was Chingy the giver?
Foxx: He was most definitely he was the receiver.
*Barfs* Man, this is worst than the time Fatlip admitted to getting head from a dude. Wait, no it’s not.
Bonus: XXL ran a piece on Foxx in their August 2008 issue. Viva la print!
Drake Talks About Being So Far Gone
[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891796&w=425&h=350&fv=]
Everyone’s current favorite rapper spoke to the 1515 boys about the reception of his mixtape, So Far Gone and not fitting in.
“I used to be so self conscious about the strikes against me like you know, coming from Canada, being on a TV show, and being like you know, super light skinned…But now, it gives me a chance to really accept that I am something different, I am something new. And now, I see it more as an opportunity to be really like, well, I don’t have to be the next ‘Ye or the next Wayne. I can just be the first Drake.”
YN Update: I want to make some Super Light Skinned T-shirts! Put Paul on the phone!