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Jay-Z Speaks On Rocawear Commerical Concept

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Celebrating Rocawear’s 10th anniversary, Jay speaks on the concept behind his Spike Lee directed commercial. Who would’ve thought Hov would sell clothing?

“So this guy, he’s in advertisement, and he’s in Rocawear, and he goes

through the day as if he’s Jay-Z,” Hov said of the concept. “He looks

out the window, in his mind — because he’s aspiring to make his own

Rocawear — there’s a group of people outside and they’re waving to him.

As he walks away, realty sets in. Someone looks out the window, and no

one’s out there. He gets on the elevator, and he’s thinking people are

asking him for autographs; no one’s there. He’s on his way to building

his empire, but he has Rocawear on, and that’s a start. So he feels as

if he’s successful already.”

Props: MTV

The Complex Soundboard

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It’s a slow news day. So why not kill some time at others’ expense. Luckily for us, the folks over at Complex compliled a gang of sound bites from your favorite (and not so favorite) celebrities. If you shift your eyes to Bill O’riley on the far right, I’ll be clicking his mug as I listen to the crappy MP3s occupying my inbox. Afterwards, I’ll follow up with Prodigy in the upper left.

New Music: Jay Rock Ft. K-Dot, Q School Boy, Ab-Soul: “TDE Roll Call”

Here’s your daily dose from the pride of Nickerson Garden. It’s hard to identify who’s on the track, but it’s a good listen nonetheless. Ab-Soul, you’ve got my ear, young man.

[youtube= union remix]

Bonus: Below is a visual for “Anti Social” courtesy of Restless Films and that bum eskay. SHOTS. Let’s square dance.


GFK Speaks On Doing An Album With Rae & Meth

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Ghostface says that he’s willing to a joint album with Tical and Lex Diamonds. He states that the concept’s been floating around for two years and that it would only have about a dozen cuts. Sounds good to me. Rae and Ghost got the best products on the block. 

Behind The Scenes Of Lil Boosie’s “Better Believe It”

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Although the video premiered last week, here’s a behind the scene look at it. Below, HHNM snagged the artwork for Boosie’s album dropping September 15th. Get cha ya ass off that computer and buy the shit up off the shelf.

Hyperizers: “Don’t Criticize (Hyperize)” Video


Outta the way Slaughterhouse, there’s a new quartet in town. Check out Nike’s latest commercial featuring NBA players Kevin Durant, Rashard Lewis, Mo Williams, and Andre Igudoloa. At the 2:10 mark, DJ Quik makes a, well, quick cameo Correction, Quik does make several appearances. The 2:10 mark is the most prominent. Can I live?! *flips bird* Ha!

Post: Huff Post