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Pharrell Will Dance For Food


Before boarding an early morning flight from Paris, Pharrell makes his way into an airport McDonalds for breakfast. After telling cashier that he might miss his flight, this nigga gets his Leroy Johnson on.

“I want a Big Mac, Filet-O-Fish, Quarter Pounder, French Fries / Icy Coke, Thick Shakes, Sundaes, Apple Pie.”

God, imagine what he’d do for a pork chop. SMH

Props: Rap-Up

RR Video: Kanye West SXSW Live: “Gone”/”Drive Slow” & “Spaceship”

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Ok I know there’s a lot of video out there from the G.O.O.D. Music showcase but I decided that with all the shit I shot I’m just rollin’ out my highlighted moments in order of the actual show. For those who don’t know the homie Semtex snatched the set list which is pretty close to accurate. 

Here Kanye and crew run through one of my favorites “Gone” (damn to one day to see it with Killa. Say never). The GLC-assisted “Drive Slow” and, after the jump, the unquestionably long-lasting jewel from album number one.

JD Living The Life Part 2 (Cribs Edition)


That Kriss Kross money must be longer than a muthafucka. In the second installment of Living The Life (Cribs Edition), Janet’s boy toy shows off the outside of Buckingham Palace his mansion and his DJing skills. 

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Props: Icedotcom