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MC Hammer Deads Beef With Jay-Z

Re- Mix time !!! 7 Days is enough. I’m Accepting Jay Z at his “Word” and moving on. I made my point. #KingHammer” Look who’s increasing the peace. Hammer told AHH and tweeted yesterday that he’s longer throwing shots at Jay-Z. What a relief! In other news, water is still wet.

Kanye On Today; Matt Lauer Responds

Here’s the interview that sparked Kanye West’s Twitter rant yesterday. It’s a shame that Ye’s album is being released in less than two weeks and instead of promoting it, he’s being used as a pawn to help push George Bush’s memoir, Decision Points. Later in the clip, Today host Matt Lauer responds to Kanye’s gripes and says the rapper is scheduled to perform for the network on Black Friday. Good luck with that.

Chris Rock Narrating Busta Rhymes LP

YEEEESSSSSSSSSS album almost [email protected] JUST FINISHED NARRATING MY WHOLE ALBUM!!!Krrraaaazzzzyyyyy!!!! Kanye West isn’t the only rapper that has Chris Rock on his new album. Busta Rhymes’ upcoming project is nearly complete and it will also feature the comedian. Ain’t that funny?