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Nipsey Hussle Rollin’ With Vibe TV
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Neighborhood Nip Hussle checks in Vibe and speaks on his emergence out of the wild wild west. Bullet’s Aint Got No Name Vol. 3 coming this June, mark!
Redman On “How High 2”


Reggie speaks to Thisis50 on the new album, Blackout 2 and the delay of How High 2.

“We want How High 2 to come out. Universal do not not see it our way. Do a new movie for the fans out there. We can not call it How High 2. We can not use our charcters, Jamal and Silas. Basically, we have to come up with a whole new weed movie.”

Vaughn Anthony “In Your Shoes” On Good Day New York

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Maybe I’m out the loop, but I didn’t know John Legend’s babe bro was a singer. Hell, I didn’t even know he had a brother. In any event, here he is performing this morning on Good Day New York. Off the vocals alone, you can tell their sprouted from the same gene pool.

Bishop Lamont Answers Questions From Fans


Don’t know if This was done before or after his severance from Mr. Young’s label. But, in the clip Bishop fields questions from fans. 

How can I get on a track with you? Preferably produced by Dr. Dre. Let me know

Dr. Dre charges half a million dollars a track, so that’s out…

*Digs in pocket…comes up with lint*