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May 19th: World Premiere Edition

Although Eminem’s new album drops weeks from now, tomorrow, he’s premiering his video “3.A.M.” on Cinemax. But Marshall isn’t the only act hitting the display racks on May 19th. In fact, five of his peers are coming out the same day too. And of course, their videos are sure to follow. So, instead of the traditional 106 debut, we thought of some other networks where they could premiere them. Check your local listings.

Guru: 8.0 Lost and Found – History Channel
Guru’s been in the game for years. And what better way to show your stripes than on a network dedicated to all things of yesteryear.  

Fat Joe: J.O.S.E. 2– Univision
Joe could really hit his target demographic if he premiered the video for his second single here. “Sabado Gigante” ain’t poppin’ like it used to.

Redman & Method Man
: Black Out 2– AMC
Reggie and Clifford are hip-hop originals. So what better way to validate your spot than after a Humphrey Bogart flick?

DJ Drama: Gangsta Grillz The Album Vol. 2– Fox News
Two years ago, the Feds cam after Dram on racketeering charges. And what better way to stick it to the man than on Bill O’Reilly’s home turf.  We got dirt on you doggy!

Busta Rhymes
: Back On My Bullshit- BET
Fuck it, if it ain’t broke…

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RR Exclusive: The Cool Kids “Champions”

To be honest, I’m not that familiar with this group. But, I’ve heard good things and it’s time for me to get educated. This joint is off the Gone Fishing mixtape available for free at next Monday, May 4th. After digesting that, look out for CK’s upcoming album, When Fish Ride Bicycles



Bonus: FSD got some more info.

RR Exclusive: YN Speaks With Angela Yee on Nas x Kelis Split

That’s right, we broke the news of Kelis filing for divorce whether you credit us or not. So your boy went up to see the girl Angela Yee to discuss the break-up that everyone’s talkin’ about. If you listen close, you may learn some things you ain’t know. Sorry Anthony. Maybe Patti can clean up this mess.

YN on Nas/Kelis 1

{mp3}06 yn on nas_kelis 1{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 2

{mp3}07 yn on nas_kelis 2{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 3

{mp3}08 yn on nas_kelis 3{/mp3}