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Undisputed Asher Roth Heat “Lark on My Go Cart”
Asher Roth

Razor Ramon flow, oh so sharp.”

The young God, B.Dot is gonna wake up, listen to this, and eat his words for breakfast. This shit knocks. The best song I’ve heard from dude so far. Ha! Viva La Revolucion! See ya in Austin, Asher.

“Lark On My Go Cart”

{mp3}02 lark on my go-kart _dirty_{/mp3}

Props: Nation via Green Lantern a.k.a. The Fuckin’ Twitter exclusive guy.

We Want Our MTV!
50 Cent MTV

OK, this morning my WSHH player conked out and tonight my MTV one (no I can’t just embed vidoes, it’s a long story) did the same. Still I can’t go to bed without acknowledging the work my homie Shaheem Reid and company are puttin’ in.

All in a day’s work:

50 Cent promises two albums this year just like Marshall did.

Gucci Mane details his comeback plans including shootin’ video with Cam in ATL manana.

Now that he’s not “retiring” B.O.B. changes rap name to Bobby Ray.

That’s not to mention the crazy Asher Roth and Lil Wayne footage.

Once again, props to the whole squad at 1515. Keep up the good work!

DJ Drama Speaks On CTE Confrontation


On his May 19th promo run, DJ Drama takes a moment to speak on scrap with Jeezy’s affiliates.

“There’s a lot of rumors spread around the Internet. They said my chain was snatched. I got bloodied up. It got a lil crazy out there but you know, a lil scuffle. Grown man business. Nothing crazy. Nothing serious. Happens every day.”

Props: eskay via ThisIsCincuenta

Raekwon Co-Signs Busta Rhymes Legacy


“He a definition of a true fresh MC. What we can’t forget is that like he said it’s always about the work ethic. And when you makin’ strong music and you can stand around for 20 pieces, 20 darts. You a bad man.”