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RR Exclusive: The Cool Kids “Champions”

To be honest, I’m not that familiar with this group. But, I’ve heard good things and it’s time for me to get educated. This joint is off the Gone Fishing mixtape available for free at next Monday, May 4th. After digesting that, look out for CK’s upcoming album, When Fish Ride Bicycles



Bonus: FSD got some more info.

RR Exclusive: YN Speaks With Angela Yee on Nas x Kelis Split

That’s right, we broke the news of Kelis filing for divorce whether you credit us or not. So your boy went up to see the girl Angela Yee to discuss the break-up that everyone’s talkin’ about. If you listen close, you may learn some things you ain’t know. Sorry Anthony. Maybe Patti can clean up this mess.

YN on Nas/Kelis 1

{mp3}06 yn on nas_kelis 1{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 2

{mp3}07 yn on nas_kelis 2{/mp3}

YN on Nas/Kelis 3

{mp3}08 yn on nas_kelis 3{/mp3}

RR Exclusive: Nas’ Wife Kelis Wants A Divorce

I feel like Mr. Info doin’ this, but here goes…

Sad news is spreading that Kelis and Nas’ marriage is no more—this time, for real. Apparently, Miss Milkshake is fed up with this QB dude’s verbally abusive and cheating ways. Let us not forget, ole girl is seven months preggars. Smh. We at Rap Radar hope these crazy kids can work it out, but it’s not lookin’ good. If all goes as planned, Kelis should be filing for divorce very soon. Damn shame!

UPDATE: VIBE got the papers, got the papers.

Don’t act like the Double R never told ya.

New Video: J. Cole “The Warm Up” (Trailer)


Here’s the trailer for light skinned Jemaine’s upcoming mixtape, The Warm Up. It’s funny watching him spaz like those old Sprite commericals.

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Bonus: J.Cole goes one on one with Complex

“I used to go to and print out Canibus raps and tape ‘em to my wall, Eminem raps, and tape ‘em to

my wall. I used to just study these shits. Like if I was bored, I’m

looking at the wall, reading along, just look how they break down their




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