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Ludacris x Greyhound PSA
Apparently this was floating around for some time, but I never saw it. In the clip, Greyhound cut Luda a check to use his song, “Runaway Love” in efforts to bring awareness to runaway teens.
Props: Woooha
Rick Ross Was Just Doing His Job

305 unearthed vintage audio of Officer Ricky rhyming over T.I.’s “Doing My Job,” Talk about irony. Check out the back story:

“Here’s a song Ross recorded back in 2002, produced by Kanye West. It was actually recorded for the 2002 version of Port Of Miami over a beat that later became T.I.’s for his 2003 Trap Musik

album. From what I know, this is one of the reasons that sparked a

small beef between T.I. and Ross for a little while (I could be wrong

because that’s hearsay) because T.I. eventually ended up snatching the

beat. Either way, I remember this song got leaked on a DJ EFN mixtape

– and I remember that Slip-N-Slide was fuming and mad that the song

leaked a little prematurely. And also, you hear in the song “99 Jamz

show me some love.” This was at a time when Ross and 99 Jamz were at

odds and had a little bit of a scuffle over airplay issues and if I

remember correctly, 99 Jamz made it a point to NOT play any Ross

records at time. Later that changed as “Hustlin’”, Ross’ breakthrough

single, was debuted on 99 Jamz via DJ Khaled’s nightshow and the rest

is history.

Snoop Dogg Co-Signs Nipsey Hussle
Here’s footage of Snoop Dogg passing the torch to Neighborhood Nip Hussle after a celebrity basketball game. 
“You don’t need no stamp nigga, stamp your own shit. Niggas always be feeling like they need another nigga to stamp they shit. Nigga, stamp your own shit.”
Food for thought.
Props: Dre