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Asher Roth’s Exclusive MTV Clips

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891821&w=425&h=350&fv=]

MTV is runnin’ this White Rap shit. Here are 9 short promos they shot with the Bread Aisle dude, Mr. 4-20, Asher Roth. Scooter’s still a fuck boy. We’re tryin’ to work it out. Ha!

Note: This MTV player is actin’ like a lil bitch right now. By the time, you wake up, it’ll be fine. Patience is a virtue. What’d you want me to do? Ha!

Tahiry’s KING Cover Shoot Footage


Can’t get enough of Tahiry? Well her boo Joe Budden got you covered. Here’s a brief clip that JumpOff flip-cam’d at the final KING magazine cover shoot. 

Joey says:

“Be proud baby, i’m proud of you… this is a big deal…(why am i typing to her when i can tell her later, duhhh)…
luckily 4 me I have about 20 of these clips, with this being the shortest 1..”

“To all of Tahiry’s haters (cuz she has haters now), why are u watching ?? or why are you posting anything with Tahiry attached to it on your pathetic websites ?? To generate traffic ?? I know, its tough being a loser, especially as an adult…”

Props: SmartenUpNas

Sidebar: Get Kanye West “Homecoming” in the back!

The Mystery Man of R&B

Here in New York, thanks in large part to Hot 97, one song is startin’ to really make noise. His name is Jeremih and the song is called “Birthday Sex.” Red Cafe was smart enough to jump on it early but he failed to Jim Jones it. The original version is what the people want. According to this site, dude recently signed to Def Jam. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, get familiar.

{mp3}birthday sex{/mp3}

Update: Yup he’s down with the tone arm. Bet your bottom dollar, Mr. Nash ain’t feelin’ all that. Ha!