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Kid Cudi x Chip Tha Ripper “Ask About Me” (Live In Ohio)


At his recent Great Hangover homecoming show, Cudi brought out fellow Cleveland homie Chip Tha Ripper. Um, you could say the crowd was pretty pleased. Now if someone can explain to me how these guys came up with The Almighty GloryUS. Ha! I know B.Dot’s lost reading this. Double Ha!

Sidebar: Scott claims ‘Ye only did two tracks on his album. Jip!

JD Defends His Right To Make It Rain


Allow Janet’s ex to retort. In this video clip from Vegas, the pint-sized playboy explains his actions in that infamous Pacman Jones footage that ESPN revealed to the world. Funny that Dupri says it was Jay-Z who told him first about it. And who knew he had a blog called Global14? Hey, it’s hottter than this fizzle.

Props: RealTalkNY

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