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Run-DMC’s Secret Weapon
Larry Smith

With all the hoopla and the emotional speeches, Run-DMC and company forgot to thank a producer who played a huge role in building their sound. Larry “King of The Beats” Smith is the most underrated trackmaster of all time. He crafted classics for Darryl and Joe (“It’s Like That,” “Sucker MC’s,” “Rock Box”), Whodini (“Friends,” “Five Minutes of Funk,” “Freaks Come Out At Night”) and Maino’s “Hi Haters” jacked his Jimmy Spicer hit “Money (Dollar Bill Y’all).” You kids got a lot to learn and I have to teach. Ha!

Uncle Rush does a do-over for his old friend after the jump.

Rick Ross Deeper Than Rap (Final Tracklisting)

1. Mafia Music (4:16)
2. Maybach Music 2 ft. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Kanye West (4:59)
3. Magnificent ft. John Legend (4:17)
4. Yacht Club ft. Magazeen (5:14)
5. Usual Suspects ft. Nas (5:14)
6. All I Really Want ft. The-Dream (4:16)
7. Rich Off Cocaine (4:25)
8. Lay Back ft. Robin Thicke (4:02)
9. Murda Mami ft. Foxy Brown (3:34)
10. Gunplay ft. Gunplay (3:34)
11. Bossy Lady ft. Ne-Yo (3:53)
12. Face ft. Trina (3:14)
13. Valley Of Death (3:54)
14. In Cold Blood (3:05)

Oh shit, Foxy Brown made the album. You hear me? I said Foxy Brown made the album. Ha!

New Video: Air Yeezy: Beyond The Hype


Here is Davy Greenburg’s documentary, Air Yeezy: Beyond The Hype. As the title suggest, the clip focuses on the release of Kanye’s Meteor Man’s  Air Yeezy sneakers. I don’t know about you, but camping out for a shoe is dumb. Better yet, camping out for a Kanye West shoe is even dumber. And at $215 a pop, I’d rather buy a pack of bogeys here in the city.

Props: Fake Shore Drive

John Cena Gets Shady At Wrestlemania


I’m a wrestling fan (any slick ass comments about that and you’ll be receiving a Batista Bomb with the quickness) and while watching Wrestlemania 25 last night I noticed the WWE’s former white-boy rapper turned American hero John Cena channeled one Slim Shady for his ring entrance.

You’ll remember Eminem doing something very similar at the MTV Awards several years back. But instead of baseball caps and jean shorts, it was blonde hair and white tees:


Fun fact: John Cena raps better than both Flo-Rida and Charles Hamilton.

Broken Cool

T.I. Breaks Down His Favorite Songs With MTV
[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891829&w=425&h=350&fv=]
MTV thumbed through Clifford’s catalouge and had him speak on their favorite tracks. 
“Still Ain’t Forgave Myself”

“[This song] was made on my first album. Man, I just had a lot of mixed

emotions about the things that I had done in my past and the things I

had kept quiet about in my past and watched my partners do. And I just

always have had a sense of … I always felt like I was the one that

could keep bad things from happening. And for the road that me and my

homies had traveled, it had gotten us to, you know, a state of fame and

celebrity, but it cost us a lot. I mean, one of my partners is doing

life in prison right now. A few of my partners died along the way. And

I felt like if I knew better and didn’t say nothing, then I was the one

to blame.”

Where’s, “Get Loose?!” This joint is phat. Pun intended. 
R.I.P. Tony D
Tony D

I used to own this album. It contained the original version of “O.P.P.” that the Naughty boys jacked (Don’t tell Treach I said that). This is the first thing that comes to my mind with the passing of Tony D this past weekend. One of the baddest White men behind the boards, this New Jersey bred Italian American was the man behind the sounds of the positively pro-Black group, Poor Righteous Teachers. He also did my favorite YZ joint. I know I lost some of you young bucks so just peep the two vids after the jump.



The homie Adam Aziz from Broken Cool is guestbloggin’ this week at the Double R. Welcome to the team, my dude. He brings us the following: 

This is recent footage of Canibus performing in the MIA. And while it does look like it’s a sell-out crowd of maybe 40-50 people, everyone in attendance appears to be enjoying themselves…even the requisite white girl on side stage hoping for a “Second Round K.O.” after the show.

For y’all info: Adam Aziz is a former bigtime editor at and Peep his blog Broken Cool. And follow the God on Twitter.