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Live Blog: Eminem on The Morning After With Angela Yee

Gonna go in. Soon. Ha!
Em fires Ang.
Em is excited.

Runnin’ a lot. Cardio.

Treadmill. 4 miles a day. 6. 10. 15. 17.

Lost quite a bit of weight.

Back to regular color hair

I don’t dye my hair and it’s not gray

Paul R in house

Em says he shaves his pubic hair

Best Rapper Alive Vibe thing

Em’s grateful. 

Ang says We Made You didn’t leak before video.

Em keeps a CD and Dre

Trying to avoid bootleggin

PR: No copies to the labels

End of Break 1

RR Exclusive: Nipsey Hussle “Lets Talk $”

{mp4-flvremote width=”540″ height=”350″}{/mp4-flvremote}

At this point in the set, Nip and the Slauson Boys were seconds away from trashing the soundman for continuous fuck ups.  But like a seasoned pro, Nip continued to keep rocking. In this clip, he peforms his cut “Lets Talk $” off Bullets Aint Got No Name Vol. 2

RR Exclusive: Nipsey Hussle x June Summers “My Language” (Live)

{mp4-flvremote width=”540″ height=”350″}{/mp4-flvremote}

We posted this track a couple days ago and Nip told me tonight, that it’s off his upcoming mixtape, Bullets Ain’t Got No Name Vol.3. Throughout the night, I thought homie in the red lumberjack was merely his hypeman. Turns out, that R&B thug is June Summers. Expect to hear more from him in the coming weeks.

Bonus: Here’s the snippet. Full version coming soon.

{mp3}my language feat. june summers{/mp3} 


Earth Day: Hip-Hop Moms Edition

In case you didn’t know, today is Earth Day. Yeah, we forgot too. But hey, what would we be to let this glorious day go by without acknowledging some of the hip-hop’s most prominent Earths—yeah, mothers. Screw May 10th and plastic containers. Take a gander at our list of our #1 Mom’s.

Live Blog: Rick Ross BET Special Tonight 7:30 EST


Somebody find Yardie. Remember that much ballyhooed BET Special where Willie The Liar promised he’d explain in more detail how being a CO got him closer to Pablo Escobar? Well, it airs in about two hours.

Hard to get the inside word on what we’re supposed to see, but rumors are runnin’ rampant (I see you Wild Chery. Ha!) that it’s nothing special. Still expect to see my peoples, XXL EIC, Datwon Thomas and radio queenpens, Miss Info and Angela Yee tossin’ in their three cents. I for one, will be watching like Rockwell. Go to hell, haters. 

Maybe I’ll live blog it. Can’t wait to watch Ross’ white lady supervisor share her thoughts. “William was so nice. He used to love pecan pie on his snack breaks.” Ha!


Big Tigger said the Double R. Ha!

Ross playin’ pool. What jacket is that.

Toure > Big Tigger (No shots) Ha!

Chuck Creekmur and Datwon biggin’ up Hustlin

Info in the house

Ang Yee says Ross crew is thoro

Info on Trilla

CO Time

Dey thought it was photoshop at first

Info shocked by Mafia Music.

Timeline again of 50 beef. Exhausting.

Tigger time.

He’s got cue cards

“That was me in the photos.” Again.