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Jonathan Mannion: Favorite Picture

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In the final clip, Jon speaks on his favorite portrait. See it for yourself for free at the Milk Gallery in NYC (450 W 15th St) now until July 11th.

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Akon Says Michael Jackson Was Healthy

 In an interview this morning with Billboard, Akon tells the magazine, that MJ’s health was A-OK.

What was your first thought when you heard the news yesterday?
I couldn’t believe it. Even now, I’m completely confused, because Michael is just one of the healthiest people that I know.  He was pressuring me to stay healthy, like, “Akon eat right. What are you doing out there on the road?  Are you eating?  Are you exercising?  Are you drinking a lot of water?” He felt like nothing could be accomplished in life if you’re not healthy.

The Alchemist Has A Dance Battle

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Here’s something to lighten the mood. In the clip, The Alchemist challenges a street performing to dance off. Those moves were good Al, but you’re no match for Def Jam’s Dancing Machine!