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New Video: Will Roush Meets DJ Jazzy Jeff
I’m digging these vids.  
“In the midst of his time travels, learning about hip-hop history,

Will arrives in Philly circa 1987. He mistakenly winds up in the studio

with none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff, and cuts his own version of

“Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

Gotti’s Way Season 2 Trailer


I like Irv and I dig Deb, but they waited too long for a season 2 for me. Not sayin’ if I catch I ain’t gonna watch it, but I ain’t lookin’ for it.

Props: Info (The Queen of Vimeo) Ha!

Sidebar: So much for Irv’s “new artist”. This guy is old Newz. Ha! Check the archives, XXL April 2004


New Video: J.Cole “Dollar & A Dream II”

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Here’s K.Civil’s homemade clip for  J.Cole’s “Dollar & A Dream II,” off his upcoming mixtape, The Warm Up.  2009 is Year of The Yella Nigga.  

“They say I’m the future, but i’m giving niggas flashbacks.”