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Lil Wayne Presents His Young Money All-Stars (Live at Jones Beach)


Pop Quiz: Can you name all the members of Weezy’s crew? Don’t fret. Only a few can. But no worries, YN is here to provide a service. Y’all ain’t ready for all this and for a taste of Minaj at the end, you need to click on that lower left link. Drake’s down. The soldiers must march on.

Bonus: KC backstage with her peoples. 

Chris Brown Performs “Every Girl In The World”


Prior to his moonwalk, Chris played Spliff Starr to Young Money as they performed “Every Girl In The World” last night in Virginia. If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Chris rocked a crowd since the, um, “incident” last February. But give the guy a break YN. Even Ghostface admitted to goin’ up side his wiz’s head once. Hell, you even own a couple Ike Turner records. I got dirt on you doggie! I thought you light skinned negroes stuck together. Where’s the unity?!  

Mariah Carey’s Ad-Filled CD

Wow, this is what it’s come to. Mariah Carey’s upcoming Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel will feature a 34-page mini-mag inside the CD booklet. It’s being produced by Elle magazine and will feature ads from a few upscale brands. Big boss, Antonio “L.A.” Reid explains the thought behind the process:

“The idea was really simple thinking: ‘We sell millions of records, so you should advertise with us,’ ” said Antonio “L.A.” Reid, IDJ’s chairman. “My artists have substantial circulation — when you sell 2 million, 5 million, 8 million, that’s a lot of eyeballs. Most magazines aren’t as successful as those records.” Reid said Carey was “very open” to the idea when he showed her a mock-up of the magazine with brands that fit her jet-setter lifestyle. “I wouldn’t want to do Mariah Carey and Comet abrasive cleaner,” Reid said. “I wanted things that really reflected her taste.” 

If all goes well, similar deals could be cut for other IDJ acts like Rihanna and Kanye West.

Reminds me of custom publishing, back in my XXL days. Definitely feel like many will follow suit to MC’s move.

Props: MTV via Brandweek

Jay-Z “Blueprint 3″ Album Cover?

This just leaked on the Internets. Looks official to me. Hov finally puts an album out without his face on it. It’s something he always wanted to do. Original Black album concept, anyone? Don’t love it but don’t hate it, either. We’ll see if it sticks.

Props: DontHateBeHated via JayZFans

Sidebar: There’s also a tracklist floating around that we’re not gonna print here. Think people! It’s Aug 3rd. The album’s release date is Sept. 11. There’s still plenty of time for a “PSA” move. Anything, including the cover image above can still change.

Kid Cudi Covers August/ September 2009 Complex

Scot’s all by himself on the cover of Complex’s August/September issue. Speaking with scribe Joe La Puma, Cudi speaks on getting wrapped up in fame, groupies, working with Kanye, and Drake wanting to do Day N’ Night remix officially. Here are a few nuggets courtesy of Complex.

Has the girl situation really been that crazy?
Kid Cudi: Man, I was always the ugly duckling; I never got attention from girls like that. So now that it’s happening, I’m kind of hip to it. I know half of these bitches wouldn’t be talking to me if I wasn’t Kid Cudi, and I’m not no fool, you know what I’m saying? I wasn’t born yesterday.

What about people who look at you as Kanye’s little man?
Kid Cudi: [Laughs.] The album will shut a lot of people up. I actually have my own voice and people will see that with the album. ’Ye just lets me be a man and shit. You don’t necessarily want a motherfucker to be holding your hand the whole time. There was a time when nobody listened to my shit and nobody would give me the time of day. Now I’ve got like four fan-made mixtapes—I’ve only got one mixtape out, the rest of them are from fans. Fans make these Kid Cudi wallpapers and draw pictures of me and all this and that. That shit is real; that means that kids connect with that shit. Not just because I’m Kanye’s artist. Those kids fuck with my music and that’s the realest shit ever. That lets me know that I’m important, and nothing is better than knowing you’re important.

Has he reached out to work with you?
Kid Cudi: Drake had been wanting to do an official “Day ’N’ Nite” remix early on. He was one of my earliest supporters; that’s why I fuck with Drake on another level than just being a new artist. His homeboy Oliver used to hit me up when I’d go to Toronto, like, “Yo, you gotta fuck with Drake.” Imagine if I would’ve let Drake remix “Day ’N’ Nite” when he wanted to back in ’07. That shit would’ve fizzled out; no one would’ve cared. Luckily we let it live and it worked out. We’re changing things on accident. That’s how I know this is my destiny.

After the jump, check out a behind the scenes look at the cover shoot.