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Notorious B.I.G. & Co. At The Hit Factory
Here’s footage of Chris Wallace, Onyx, Junior Mafia and Naughty By Nature at the Hit Factory. Judging by their wardrobes, I’d say this was shot sometime in ’94. Peep Big’s Karl Kani hoodie? Those tees had license plates on ’em!
Sidebar: According to the Human Hip-Hop encyclopedia YN, everyone was there to record a song for a soundtrack. *Passes YN bottle of Ginkgoba*
It’s Just Like Jada


“I’ve seen him in the Village before. With his wife. With no security. Comin’ through. Walkin’!. No car service. None of that. Usher in the Village. Some of you rappers should be ashamed of yourselves.”

There’s probably not a happier Black man on the planet today than Jadakiss. I can’t believe dude sold that many units. Who knew? (Insert Jada laugh). 

I will say, dude got personality for days and cracks me up. Maybe that helped.

Out of all his viral assaults, I never noticed these vids. Pretty funny.


Courtesy of Maya The B via Jump Off x AHH

Raekwon Explains The Origins of The Purple Tape

“It came from me and my crack days. We wanted to seperate our product from the competition. I just brung that method inside of my music… For a fiend when you hit this, and you look at the bag, stick to that bag. Cuz that’s the good shit!”

Can I get a Suuuuuuuu?

Props: HHO

Bonus: Ironically, an official press release went out today announcing that the long-awaited sequel is on the way. But was their a release date included? Nope! Smh.

Lark Voorhies Goes Go-Kart Riding

Interview: Brian “B.Dot” Miller

On the hit 90s sitcom Saved By The Bell, Lark Voorhies’ persuasive ta-ta’s and thighs, gave pubescent boys a reason to ditch the Saturday morning cartoons. In fact, hip-hop neophyte Asher Roth recorded the ode, “Lark On My Go Kart” off his debut, Asleep In The Bread Aisle as a testament. While promoting her new film The Next Hit, Lark spoke to Rap Radar about her future endeavors and never hitching a ride with Mr. Roth.

Juvenile Confirms Hot Boys Reunion

Vibe got the bombshell as Juvenile comes clean.

“I already signed the deal,” Terius “Juvenile” Grey, told Alison

Fensterstock, in March. “So for me I’m gonna definitely say it’s a go.

I already received the check.” Juve, who’s preparing his ninth solo

album, Cocky and Confident (Atlantic), later this year, went

on to add, “Wayne is going to put that out, so for me and Wayne, it’s a

go. I don’t know if the business been straightened out, but I know

B.G.’s on board and he’s willing to do it. I don’t know where Turk

stand on the business side.”

Yup, I’d like to see it happen. The Cash Money Millionaires have been very very good to me. Ha!

RR Exclusive: Don’t Buy Asher Roth on 4-20

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Very well done. And really funny. I heart all the weed heads who are gonna think this is real deal Holyfield. Ha!

Sidebar: Scooter “Super Wavvy” Braun respects YN. Fuck Boy status has been lifted. Clean slate!

Oh go to A lil sloppy on the watermark. Our bad.

Lil’ Kim Calls Regis and Kelly


FYI: I heart Regis and Kelly. And yesterday morning, Kimberly phone’d in to the show after her appearance on Dancing With Stars the previous night. 

You know what I love saying. I love saying your name because it just rolls off my—now, listen very carefully to what I’m going to say to you: Lil’ Kim”

Oooh, say my name baby.