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Kid Cudi’s Album Has Typoh’s

After performing alongside Hov last night at Madison Square, Cudi took to Twitter and vented about the typographical errors on his album. Ironically, he spelled “Rediculous” wrong. But don’t be maaad, Scott.  “A Star Is Born” off The Blueprint 3 was spelled “Bortn” when I loaded it to iTunes. Besides, you don’t want to get on Sylvia Rhone’s bad side. Ask, Drake. Heads Up: Omen Previously: Kid Cudi On David Letterman

Jay-Z Signs Bill O’Reilly’s Book

Yesterday, political pundit Glenn Beck appeared on political prick Bill O’Reilly’s show. Discussing  Jay’s 9/11’s benefit concert, Glenn shows off  his @S_C autographed copy of Bill’s book, A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity.  The inscription reads: “Peace Bill, Jay-Z. Off That.” Ha! Hov just played you out.

Jay-Z 9/11 “Answer The Call” Concert

Last night on the corner of 7th Ave and 32nd St in Manhattan, Jay-Z solidified his spot as the greatest rapper ever. Selling out the Garden for an eighth time, Jigga ran through a string of hits including cuts off The Blueprint 3. If you couldn’t experience it live, capture the moment after the cut.