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RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Path To His First Album

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A J Train-ridin’, pause-tape makin’ 15-year-old talks about creating his debut album, meeting De La Soul, the formation of Native Tongues and the bidding war that brought Tribe to Jive. On the latter, you gotta learn to live with regrets. Ha!

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Cam’ron Went To College Without Graduating H.S.

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Cam tells the 1515 boys, that despite going to college, he never graduated high school.

“I went to college and didn’t graduate from high school. I got to

college and my coach brought the GED to my room like, ‘Here, you

graduated, congratulations.’ Even though it’s a junior college … I

never took my SATs coming out of high school. I was playing basketball

and this junior college wanted me to come down and play basketball.

When I got there, my GED was sitting on the bed waiting for me. I never

took a test or anything.” 

Amazing. *Shreds High School diploma*

Drake Hot 97 Freestyle (Funkmaster Flex)

Last night, the pride of Canada kicked a freestyle over Jigga’s “You, Me, Him, & Her” and Raekwon’s “Incarcerated Scarfaces” on Funkmaster Flex’s show. I thought that stopped doing these kinds of things over at 395 Hudson St. *shrugs shoulders*

“I’m in Aston doing donuts, I’m will kill the game and never send it my condolence.” 

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Props: illroots

Update: short visual courtesy of Cipha Sounds


RR Exclusive: Q-Tip’s Tribe Called Quest Beginnings (Part 2)

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A watermelon-eatin’ MC Serch. Red Alert’s record carrier, Baby Chris Lighty. The “Bridge Is Over” acetate. Who’s DJ Flamboyant? The origin of his group’s name. Yup, more crazy musings from The Abstract.

Bonus: Shut up and listen. 

“The Promo”

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