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Update: Charles Hamilton Is Not Wale’s Nigga
At a recent gig in Atlanta, Whale Wale gives a roll call of his “niggas” in the biz. When he mentions Dukie’s name at the 1:20 mark, he says the following:
“Charles Hamilton. That’s not my nigga. Any real nigga, don’t run behind your back and say some bullshit. Especially if he know you gon check him not check him on a record. It’s ok, we all young rappers growing up.”
In case you forgot, these guys tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes on April’s Fools Day. But, I’m not buying it.
Update: Dukie responds: 
“I’m not his n1gga. And? He didn’t diss me… besides, I think this is

the show he was telling me about… or was it the show where in a

freestyle he said “F*ck Charles Hamilton”? I don’t know/care. if its an

issue, I’m sure as vocal as Wale is, we’ll hear about it. I mean, other

rappers did entire interviews thoroughly explaining their issue with

me. Then again, they got ignored, too. Damn. When I go fishing for a

shark, I end up with tadpoles at the end of my fishing rod. Shucks…

oh well… Until the next time I speak to Wale, this gets filed under



~~Charles Hamilton~~

The fuck?
Props: H.E.R.
RR Video: Super Rockin’ Dr. Magic

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Rap Radar proudly introduces the Worst Rapper of All Time, Dr. Magic. [Not to be confused with Mr. Magic]. Peep the S on his chest? At the 5:00 mark, watch him bust a move on all you sucker MCs. 

Bonus: Now, usually I don’t do this, but uh, here’s a lil’ something for all you Youtubers.

How Soulja Boy Shook Off The Sophomore Jinx

Interview: Toshitaka Kondo

For those that thought Soulja Boy Tell ’Em’s career was over after the first week numbers for his sophomore album, iSouljaBoyTellEm, came back at 45,000, he’s definitely having the last laugh. Since then, the album has steadily climbed to almost 200,000 copies, fueled by his smash, “Kiss Me Thru The Phone,” which sits at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the cocky “Turn My Swag On,” which has lit the streets on fire. And just for good measure, he recently shot the video for “Gucci Bandana,” with Atlanta’s favorite trap rappers, Gucci Mane and Shawty Lo. The ambitious 18 year old recently took a break from recording his third album, The DeAndre Way, and his upcoming DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz mixtape to talk to RapRadar about his first week numbers, changing his management, and Bow Wow.

Did you think your career was over when your first week sales numbers for iSouljaBoyTellEm came back at 45,000?
[When I saw] those first week numbers, I ain’t think it was over. I thought I had messed up. But I was scared. [Before] I was thinking, I’m Soulja Boy. If I push something, it’s gonna sell. I got cocky and overconfident and after I put the album out, I realized that it’s not about you, it’s about the music. Plus I had the wrong situation so I had to switch up my team. I still think my album is great. I just feel like I went with the wrong first single and had the wrong team in place.

When you say “team,” do you mean management?
Yeah. I switched management to Chris Lighty. I guess I didn’t have that much pull because at this point people still was probably speculating that I was gonna be a one hit wonder. So going into the third album, I done proved myself now as a legit artist, so management that I got now is gonna make sure that none of that gonna happen no more.

Did it cause any friction between you and Collipark given that your old manager was his brother, Derrick Crooms?

Nah. It was a move to better my career so it was no hard feelings.

What made you realize that “Birdwalk” wasn’t going to work?
When it wasn’t selling. I check all the charts myself. It wasn’t coming up on the iTunes chart or the Billboard chart. I just sat back and started just looking at it for what it was like, This is really not it! What the fuck goin’ on? But it was too late. The album was already out and it was the only song I had out. 

Nas Wants Unity
[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891806&w=425&h=350&fv=]

I’m still in denial about Ann’s man really makin’ a whole album with one of Bobby’s boys. But Nas must be smokin’ some good tings with this Damian dude ’cause he’s talkin’ that unity shit. Maybe I’m a hater, but I like my QB poet pissed and prophetic. Oh well. Selassie l !

Mr. X found the no DJ of Nas’ tribute to Iron Mike.



I finally watched the documentary and it’s as good as advertised because it really showcases his crippled psyche. The best scene was him continually chokin’ up when talkin about his mentor, Cus D’Amato. He obviously was never the same since the old man croaked.