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Brandon Jennings Covers SLAM (March 2010)

The young king of braids and cornrows (sorry A.I.) graces the front page of the hip-hop world’s only true sports magazine. I don’t know tho. I mighta split with him his fellow Rookie Of The Year comp, Tyreke Evans. Dude’s turned me into a believer. Spotted: PreZZure via SLAM

Chris Brown’s Not Feelin’ His VIBE Cover

Breezy tells Renada Romain, he was a lil’ tight about the coverline VIBE put across his chest. And CB later claims he would never speak ill of Usher. Oh well, I know from my experience, in most cases, if the artist loves his cover too much, you didn’t do a good job. Plus we can negotiate kid, but ultimately the media does what it wants. Press privileges, punk. Sue us. Ha. Previously: New VIBE Covers: Drake x Chris Brown