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Christina Milian Got Swagger Jacked

Apparently that horrible Teairra Mari song was a terrible Christina Milian demo. Even though he jocks Kanye, maybe Mr. Nash wasn’t feelin’ this one. Gotta admit: XTina The Blonde Bomber’s version is bettter. First “S.O.S.” and now this. Ole girl got the cooties.

{mp3}diamonds ft. kanye west{/mp3}

Props: Rap Up who broke the story first.

Vado x Cam’Ron “Push It”/”Fed Story”


I can’t co-sign Giles’ new blood but Killa participates in the foolery so this is entertaining. Also reminds me that Ross always had dope beats on his past albums. Speakin’ of which, think I’m gonna put together a Best of Rick Ross playlist this weekend. The fraud is formidable and props are due. As far as the untouchable leader of the Dips look out for more viral madness as he we prepare ourselves for Crime Pays. 10 days away. Albums just sneak up on you nowadays.

Props: WSHH Exclusivo. Heard they got intv with Cam on the way too.

Drake Live at URI (April 29)


“We love you Drake!!!!”

“I love you too baby.”

Ladies know the words and they’re gonna sing this, “Best I Ever Had” shit.

His name is Drake. Not The Beatles. But it’s gettin’ pretty close. (Sarcasm is your amigo.)

I apologize for the dance at 4:13 

Props: 2 Many MCs

Young Jeezy Live at Indiana University (April 24)


She’s recording!

If you haven’t noticed these rap niggas are really gettin’ them college show checks lately. Here’s Da Snowman from a lil’ over a week ago in Bobby Knight land. 

“The way I put words together. Reminds me of how I used to put the birds together.”

True story: Jeezy had a show in Rochester that I planned on troopin’ to. But, it’s 6 hours away from BK. Not lookin’ good. Plus: Celtics/Bulls, Pacquiao/Hatton and the new Em video. We’ll see.

Lloyd Banks’ Birthday Party


What you know about Southside Red Velvet cakes? Here’s some footage of Blue Hefner’s recent 27th born day bash. Surprisingly, I wasn’t invited. Ha!

Sidebar: Where’s Pimpin’ Curly? Ricky Bell says.


New Video: Juelz Santana “Days of Our Lives”


Director Dan The Man and I go back like some high top fades. Here’s another video he shot with his fancy camera for Whoo Kid’s Radio Planet. These guys have been doin’ some nice work lately. Plus, this is the best thing I’ve seen Juelz in since he threatened to stick his Barack in your sister. No Skull Gang? No Problem.

RR Exclusive: Nas Live At Hunter College


A day after his wife filed for divorce, Nas delivered an emotionally-charged show for a group of NYC schoolboys and girls. In between the chants for “Ether,” Esco touched on a few joints from his catalogue that the ladies would love. And yes, Jungle was in the house for “Oochie Wally.” Your dreams have now been fulfilled.


Mega Props: To the homie above. Incilin is a student at Hunter and my asst Crystal F, passed him the flip cam like Jigga passed Ty Ty the burner and he blasted you fools. More footage on the way. Rap Radar is everywhere. The movement to move with.

Sidebar: Didn’t have time to watermark and had to YouTube it. You steal our footage we will hunt you down and kill you. Good morning! Good mornian! 

Behind The Scenes of Busta Rhymes’ “Conglomerate” Video

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891401&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Still salty Weezy replaced Jeezy, but you gotta recognize Busta’s hustle to turn his moves into big time events.

“This is definitely one of the most phenomenal days for me. Mr. Idris Elba, Christopher Robinson, Tyrese, Adam Rodriguez (of “CSI: Miami”), Xzibit, Raekwon the Chef, Wayne, Jadakiss, Bishop Lamont. … Big up to Debbie Coda, the beautiful young lady who blasted off on the chorus. The Flipmode! I don’t know what else to say other than God is good.”MTV

After the jump, the final video if you ain’t peeped it yet.