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TMZ Catches Ma$e On The Streets of New York


Is that you Betha? Why did this nigga put his shades on when he found out it was someone from Levin’s team. Smh. And what the fuck is the pastor wearing? Plus, he’s throwing punches like a tough guy? Anyways, Harlem’s recluse pretty much admits he still can’t do anything with his career until he works business out with Puff. Hey, Combs let the Lox and Po go, it might be time to give this guy his freedom papers too. He ain’t gonna sell no records in this climate, Sean.

Spotted: BC Via TMZ

Note: YN don’t like the Dime Wars player. In case, you’re wondering.

Update: No the paps did not catch this nigga on a payphone? 


Props: Bossip

Young Jeezy’s Makin’ “Suicide Music”

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.886457&w=425&h=350&fv=] 

Sway presses Lil’ J for details on TM103 and he obliges. Yeeeah!

“To even get a feel for it, we’ll start with the ‘Intro. When you buy this album, you’ll know where I’m going. If I can recall, one of the first lines is, ‘No matter what they think, I’m trying to do better/ Despite of what they think, I’m making you better/ So let them go back and forth about who’s better.’ 

“I got a joint called ‘I Got This,’. Then there’s ‘Suicide Music.’ I don’t wanna give it all up, because you’ll probably figure out where I’m going. The list goes on. To me, I know [artists] say, ‘This is going to be my best work.’ This is going to be my best work with the experience I have and I’m still me. Cats been rocking with me for four or five years. I’mma give them what they need to do and I’m gonna motivate the thugs.” 

Can’t wait.

Bonus: Jeezy Kicks It With Chris Brown

Plies & Big Gates Shoot Magazine Cover

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Not the most exciting footage, but noteworthy since it’s Plies first photo shoot with his recently released brother Big Gates. They wouldn’t reveal the magazine, but I’m guessing JB’s house. After the jump, a new joint from the Goon that’s been floating around. Watch Atlantic take it down in 5…4… 3… 2…

Fabolous On Alexa Chung


This afternoon, Loso went through the ringer with Alexa Chung. In between Alexa’s constant Drake mentions, Fab talks about how he used to have a crush on Jenny from the block and his new album, Loso’s Way.

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MCA Emails His Fans

Recovering from cancer surgery, the ailing Beastie Boy thanks everyone for our support and updates us on his condition. Check out the entire email.

Bonus: Here’s Q-Tip’s tribute this past weekend at APW.