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Nicki Minaj’s Backyard Boogie


Here’s some non-Scranton footage from the first lady of Young Money. I’m not familiar with the songs she’s performing in B-More, but I know you perverts will be more glued to the gluteus maximus anyhow. What a talent.

Props: Jabari

Bonus: More on ole girl’s play date with Kanye’s squeeze.

Q-Tip’s Big MJ Birthday Celebration

If you follow Kamaal’s Twitter account you know he’s a huge fan of the King of Pop and very soon after his passing, he promised to give the legend a proper musical salute. Well that day has come and it wlll fittingly be goin’ down on his actual born day. I’ll be in the house. You should be also. Info below:

Q-Tip Presents: “Long Live the King! A Birthday Celebration for Michael Jackson”

Special Invited Guests: Mark Ronson & DJ Spinna

NOKIA Theatre Times Square
Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tickets go on Sale Friday, July 31, 2009

Reminder: Notes From A Different Kitchen

Saigon “Pain In My Life” (Live)


Here’s a modern day throwback. Remember Saigon? Well here he is. Amalgam Digital just let this one go and are still promising Warning Shots 2 on Sept 29. But like all Sai Giddy release dats it’s subject to change. Man, I still want a copy of Greatest… nevermind!

Previously: Saigon “Come Again” (Live)

Bonus: WS2 Tracklist.

Young Jeezy Live At America’s Most


“The banned man with a band” sounds cool but I don’t see it.

And wait: 7:57-8:37??

Looks like they dealt my nigga Da Snowman a bad hand. 

Bonus: Ok, I see a drummer now. And the lights are out. That’s a better look.


Update: Lil Wayne “Million Dolla Baby” (Official DJ Drama Version)

Here’s some new material courtesy of Dwayne Carter and Just Blaze. Wayne’s ‘phors and similes are intact, but that flow? Not so much. I think it’s time for an intervention.

[youtube= dolla baby wo drama]

Props: X-Man

Bonus: Weezy salutes the Notorious One.

Update: My fellow half-Black hit me with the official version of his song that LowKey leaked today.

Mr. Thanksgiving says:

The leaked version was the version before I did hooks. And I broke up his verses. I named it million dollar baby cuz I’m wayne’s boxing coach on the song and its a three round fight. bells and all. Just blaze was gonna be the announcer at end but we never finished it.

08 million dollar baby

HitHipHop they gets props too!


More footage from KC.