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Black Milk & Sean C On VIBE Bracket

[vodpod id=Video.3455784&w=425&h=350&] On Grind Music Radio last week, Black Milk, Sean C, Riggs Morales, Peter Rosenberg, and Jerry Barrow critiqued VIBE‘s greatest producer of all time bracket. As Jerry indicated, the list was created to spark conversation (which it has). Despite some snubs, the selections overall are on point. But then again, some people are never satisfied.

YN Editorial: I Hate My Job

Shyne keeps callin’ me, but I don’t wanna pick up. I hate it. Hate that he keeps callin’. Hate what I would have to say him. Hate the way he sounds. Hate what people are saying about the way he sounds. Really hate what people are saying about him. Ask around. Find out, he wants to sound like that. Doesn’t ever want to be viewed as a Big soundalike again. Never again. Won’t accept criticism. Constructive or not. But then, […]