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RR Exclusive: Cam’Ron “Oh Boy” x “Down And Out” x “The Roc (Just Fire)”

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In the clips, Killa runs through cuts from his days on Jigga’s imprint. Listen closely to the end of “Oh Boy,” Cam says: “Just me, yes, no Santana.” Damn. Guess it was fun while it lasted. “Down and Out” and “The Roc (Just Fire)” after the jump, doggy.

RR Exclusive: Cam’Ron “I Really Mean It” x “Get ‘Em Girls” (Live)

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Here’s footage of Cam’s performance last night  at his Hot 97 sponosored gig at the Highline Ballroom. Infamous for his tardiness, Killa sauntered onto roughly an hour late. Nonetheless, he made up for it with a string of hits. Check out, “Get ‘Em Girls” after the jump. More clips on the way.

Is Kim Kardashian Eminem’s New Favorite Target?


Around the 7 min mark, Ray J’s ex says:

“I’m honored. You made it big when you’re in an Eminem song. It’s cool. You know you just have to kinda laugh at it because it’s fun. You have to have a sense of humor. He replied and I just heard Eminem’s response today in an interview that he did and he said he’s glad Kim’s got a sense of humor. But he did say at first—and this is what I’m nervous about—he said at first wait til she hears the rest of the album and she won’t be too happy.”

“Damn, I think Kim Kardashian’s a man/ She stomped him just ’cause he asked to put his hands/ On her massive gluteus maximus again/ Squeeze it then squish it then pass it to her friend.”—”We Made You”

That interview was apparently before ole girl heard this:

“Last night was a blast I can’t quite/ Remember when I had that much fun on the half pint of the Jack/ My last Vic and a half, a flashlight of Kim Kardashian’s ass.”—”3 A.M.”

Don’t worry, Kimmy I just listened to Dre collabo that leaked today. I don’t think he got you on that one, but if I were you I wouldn’t be in a rush to listen to Relapse

Angela Yee asked me today would KK leave Reggie Bush if she really had a crack at Marshall? We all know that dude has a soft spot for chicks with that first name. Yeah, Em would move to Cali to be closer to his boo and get shot by the paps daily. That romance could single-handidly revive the mag business. Ha! But, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Nicki Minaj Gets Beamed Up
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The sexy chick with the unattractive vocals, talks to the 1515 boys about her new mixtape, Beam Me Up Scotty and hooking up with Dwayne.
“I used to make stuff up and spit it and eventually just started

getting dope — I think people just started taking me serious,” she

said. Nicki was discovered by Lil Wayne

a couple of years after the New Orleans MC saw her on the street DVD

“On the Come Up.” “I was OK, but I wasn’t focusing on the music. I was

doing pictures and stuff like that, so people knew me more for pictures

than my music,” she continued. “But with the Beam Me Up Scotty

mixtape, they have to take me seriously as an artist. So I would say

maybe a year ago, I started sharpening my skills. Recently I’ve been

singing more. Now it’s official — it’s going down like ‘Town Julie


50 Cent Reworks Before I Self Destruct

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Curt talks to MTV about retooling his long-delayed album, Before I Self Destruct.

“It’s about 30 percent of what I had when I felt I was finished,” Fif explained in an interview regarding the saved material. “The production [changed.] A lot of it [Dr.] Dre made a lot more of the music that’s on the actual album and I re-wrote some concepts ’cause to me sometimes, it would sound like I’m absolutely out my mind if I play you the music. It gets dated because I’ve been playing it to myself for so long that I’m no longer as excited as I was for the first time, so I’m making new material and adding it to the actual project. I’ve been conceptually doing some things that directly apply to the initial concept of Before I Self Destruct and I wrote, produced and directed my first screen play. It’ll actually be in the album packaging.

Props: HHNM

Will.I.Am’s Bromance With Michael Jackson

You might have heard Mr. Black Eyed Peas is trying to bring the King of Pop back to prominence. But besides making music, the dynamic duo sometimes go apple picking. Pause.

“I’m like, ‘I’m hungry,'” Will recalled. “He says, ‘Why don’t you take the horse? Take the horse and pick apples. It’s wonderful. We love doing it. The horses love going apple picking.’ I’m like, ‘All right, I’ll fuking go.’ I swear to God. I’m on a fucking horse. Michael Jackson’s like, ‘Wow, it’s great.’ The horse is picking apples. I’m like picking apples and junk, putting them in a bag. I’m like wow, this is like picking apples with Michael Jackson on horseback. Look at that shit, right?”

B.Dot Edit: As the homie Riley would say…

Source: Starpulse

New Video: Lil Kim “Download”


Here’s Kimberly’s new clip featuring Charlie Wilson and Nuvo liquor.

Bonus: Check the archives!

Is your new album entitled Vintage?
No, that’s

was something somebody put out there. I’m hoping the time the show is

over I can release my album or at least my first single.

So “Download” isn’t your first single?

it depends on when the album comes out. But, I’m praying that I get the

chance to put it on there because the record is with the Track Masters

whom I had a deal with. They are going to have that record on their [DJ

Envy’s] compilation. But, I feel positive that we can put it on my

album. So we’ll see. It depends on how soon my album comes out also.

Props: NR via The Rap Up

Young Jeezy “Welcome Back” x “Who Dat” Live


Here’s some Snowman footage from Atlanta’s Swagger Like Us Tour last month in Atlanta. Why this took so long to appear? Don’t ask me, because I don’t know why. Did anybody shoot YJ this past weekend in Rochester? Prolly not. You rap fans are lazy.

Plus: “A Lot of That” and More


Props: Roll Out!

Bonus: I think this was a recent show in Houston.