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New Music: Lil Wayne “I’m Goin’ In” (Original Version)

He’s goin’ in alright. To jail. But in the meantime and in between time, everything Wayne’s recorded in the last few years will find its way on the Internets. Mark my words. Truth be told, I love when different versions of songs emerge. Maybe it’s the collector in me. Oh well, I’m adding this to the hard drive even though it’s crystal clear why the first verse is the only one to make the final cut. Good call, Team Weezy. […]

Snoop Dogg On Angie Martinez

In town tonight for his gig at the Nokia Theater, Snoop rolled up to Hot 97 and chopped it up with Angie Mar. Pardon Tha Dogg’s back, but here’s how it all went down. Part 1: Snoop explains why he hasn’t had a drink in five years. Part 2: Snoop names his favorite record, speaks on family life, and Nipsey Hussle. Part 3: Grubbing on soul food, Snoop explains how he mended Game and Dr. Dre’s relationship and why he […]