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Snoop Dogg Co-Signs Nipsey Hussle
Here’s footage of Snoop Dogg passing the torch to Neighborhood Nip Hussle after a celebrity basketball game. 
“You don’t need no stamp nigga, stamp your own shit. Niggas always be feeling like they need another nigga to stamp they shit. Nigga, stamp your own shit.”
Food for thought.
Props: Dre
Pay Homage: Roger Troutman

Take a long look at this picture boys and girls. Over the past few years, this guys influence has changed the sound of hip-hop—for better or worst. Yeah, that’s Roger Troutman and today marks a decade since his passing. As the lead singer of Zapp, Roger spawned classic cuts like “Computer Love” and “I Want To Be Your Man” using his signature Talk Box device. And while 90% of the game jacks his immortal techniques, he most remembered for spicing the chorous on 2Pac’s “California Love.” Check out some clips after the jump. T-Pain owes you a Fathers Day card.

Sidebar: Our readers are smarter than yours.

Please clarify that Roger used a talkbox and T-Pain uses autotune.

You have to play a keyboard to use a talkbox. Autotune is some old

studio effect that takes no talent whatsoever to use. — “Priest Forever”

Styles P Speaks on The Lox’s Longevity


“We been here since ’95. We look young and good. But we been here since we were little tykes.”

True story: I can’t ever see those three dudes not fuckin’ with each other. No Security compilation comin’ soon.