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Jacob The Jeweler Released From Jail

Jacob’s already home. Well, sorta. On March 25th, the Jeweler was released from a federal penitentiary and sent to a halfway house. In 2008 Jacob was sentenced to 30 months behind bars for laundering millions for Detroit gang, BMF. A U.S. District Court Judge shortened his sentence by seven months for his charitable work. As part of his release, he’s permitted to work at his New York  jewelry shop, but until September, is required to return to the halfway house […]

Pharrell’s Birthday Cake

Don’t be a mad hater. Get it? Mad. Hat—ah? Forget it. Yesterday, Skateboard P’s friends threw him a surprise birthday party with an Alice In Wonderland-themed cake. The producer turns 37 today. Check out more pictures of his cake after the jump. BBC