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Go See The Doctor

“Hey yo, Andre can you make me a beat?!”

You don’t like what Marshall did? Well then show him how to do this, son.

{mp3}03 we made you instrumental –{/mp3}

Bonus: I dare you to transcribe this. I can’t get anyone at the Double R Mansion to.

{mp3}04 we made you acapella –{/mp3} 

Props: Ekek

New Music: DJ Quik x Kurupt “Hey Playa”

“With eyes like Rihanna/ Face like Paula/ Patton/ Central as the Latins/ Girl what’s happening?”

Presenting the joint we told ya about that samples some Morocco sounds. Too bad it doesn’t sound as it good as the original idea did. Ha! Keep up. Yeah this joint from the West, West is a mess, mess. I hope this ain’t the single. Try again guys. Mark Jackson said, “You’re better than that!”

DJ Quik and Kurupt “Hey Playa”

{mp3}02 hey playa{/mp3}

Guest List: Five Best Things About Eminem’s “We Made You”

In case you haven’t heard, Eminem is back! And I for one, am diggin’ both the song and the video for, “We Made You.” The single is ten times better than that awful, “Just Lose It” (albeit, a bit funny). Plus, “We Made You’s” chorus is actually more catchy than it is gimmicky. After the jump, peep the the five best things about Shady’s new vid. “We Made You”, why would we play you?!

Rick Ross Shooting Next Video In Colombia

Where else would a former Corrections Officer Drug-Dealing Kingpin shoot a video? Ha!

BOOKED: Rick Ross f/ The Dream – Gil Green, director

Rick Ross in Colombia sounds like trouble…
    * artist: Rick Ross f/ The Dream
    * song: “All I Want”
    * label: Def Jam/IDJMG
    * director(s): Gil Green
    * production co: 305 Films (note: Green is signed with Merge @ Crossroads)
    * rep: Labuda Management

Props: Video Static

Shawnna Killed Ludacris
At a recent gig, Billie Jean King Shawnna talks about laying the smack down on Ludacris.
We got something coming and it’s called Battle of The Sexes. This nigga think he can battle me y’all. I’m going up against Luda! Y’all look for that shit, and y’all get that shit and y’all support me…cause I’m telling you, I killed the that nigga!”