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Maino “All The Above” (Live)


The “Realest Nigga In The World” touches down in the Dirty South. No concertgoer was harmed during the performance of this song. Thank Heavens!

Sidebar: Is that the “Realest Nigga In Reality Shows” at the very end? Ha!

Asher Roth Responds To Racist Accusations

Today, Asher released a statement regarding this whole fiasco.

“The twitter situation was an immature attempt to poke fun at an infamously moronic joke. In doing so, I unconsciously stooped to the level of its originator, making it just as bad, if not worse. Pathetic. Lesson learned – nothing good can come from repeating hateful words, regardless of your intentions. Leaving no context in what was being said and being presented through text (no facial or vocal inflection) the sarcasm of the joke (or lack there of) was not properly perceived and left it purely in bad taste. I immediately apologized for my immaturity but the apologies and original post were deleted by my team in an effort to prevent more people from being offended. Unfortunately, the deletion of these statements led several people to believe that my apology was insincere, which is why I have made the decision to release this statement.”

Thank you, Mr. Roth. Now, back to regularly scheduled programming. 

Cam’Ron Will Interior Decorate Your Walls

Pardon the headline B, but in the current issue of Vibe, Killa tells Jon Caramanica about his new side hustle: interior decorating. 

“Recently, Cam’Ron was considering putting his Lodi home on the market-his primary residence is a five-mile skip away in Fort Lee, N.J.-and invited real estate agents to tour the place. Here again, Cam’Ron stumbled onto a new hustle: One of them was impressed enough with his taste to want to business. ‘He called me and wanted to pay me to interior decorate,’ Cam says, incredulous. “That shit bugged me out. So I did one job for about $50 K. I had a $100K budget and it turned out great, so [now] they always call me to do stuff like that. But I’m like, That’s some shit I’ll do when I retire, son.”

Sidebar: Killa and Little Burger

Bonus: Vibe‘s got the juice, man. No, OJ:

Kanye x Amber’s photographer speaks

Blackout 2 Preview

BEP Remixes

RR Exclusive: A Word From Hov

Jay-Z just sent this over:

A word from Hov

Last night I performed at the University of Arizona, I had a ball!! Through all the excitement and joking around (as well as the technical difficulties) I missed out on the opportunity to say something important..

On the show as well were Third Eye Blind and Kelly Clarkson.. I thought that to be the oddest pairing EVER but, soon realized, it’s what I’ve always professed..There is NO such thing as BLACK music or WHITE music only GOOD or BAD music..It’s stupid cool to like things that are not like you, and that goes for outside of music.. If you’re an African American you can have a jewish friend. Wait, does Lyor having some Israeli mixed with his jewish count? (Sure they are paranoid but, so are black people after they’ve smoked weed, haaaaa, and plus the JEW fro and the BLUEprint fro are the SAME thing.)

I think concerts like this should happen more often. ( Outside of the one or 2 festivals a year or “Zootopia”) I’m putting that into the up Taylor Swift and Uncle Murda!!

Sorry I don’t “Tweet” (do I?) so this will have to do..