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New Video: Jeremih “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)”


It seems like The Birthday Sex kid’s buzz has come and gone. Get it? Nevermind. Lil J appears destined for a one hit wonder legacy. ‘Member that song by who… I don’t have exact SoundScan numbers, but as far as I know he’s not exactly burnin’ up the charts. I haven’t listened to his album and I can’t get anyone on the RR staff to, so I’ll reserve final judgment until then. Still, it’s not lookin’ good for dude. Bet you Terius Hagert is a happy fuck. Milian and all. Ha!

Props: Splash

Shaq Slaps Marbury With A Technical Foul

On Tuesday, Shaq phoned into The All Out Radio Show on Shade 45 and discussed Stephon Marbury’s viral meltdown. He’s also offering a $500,000 reward for the capture of the guy rubbing Steph’s shoulder. That’s a 10-4!

Sidebar: That wasn’t R.Kelly Steph was listening to. It was in fact Kirk Franklin’s track, “Lean On Me.” Chuuch!


Madonna and Lil Wayne Collabo Confirmed

In one of the music industry’s worst kept secrets, Weezy and Madge made some music together. Their joint, “Revolver” is the second single from her upcoming greatest hits album, Celebration (No Kool & The Gang). Will drop in Sept. and there will most likely will be a visual. How excited are you? 

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Little Brother x Just Blaze (Live in the Chi)


A week ago in the Windy City there was a Red Bull Big Tune Beat Battle (yeah I don’t know what that is either?) and it basically gave Just Blaze a chance for a free trip OT to cop some more Polo. Still, later at the Metro, he found time to throw down at the 4:30 mark with one of my favorite groups, Little Brother. Yeah, that’s my tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Props: YK2 via GWHH