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Busta Rhymes Interview (DJ Vlad)

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891283&w=425&h=350&fv=]

B.Dot would never post this. Ha! This is actually a pretty good exchange between Busta and your favorite “journalist.” In the first clip, Vlad gets Bus to talk about L.O.N.S. beef with more details than I ever heard before. And after the jump, Trevor tells how Diddy got him to switch his style up and why he packs a machete. That’s right, a machete!

Update: Redman Interview (1992)


In one of his earliest interviews to promote his debut album, Redman takes the tissue out of his nose and talks about the drama of sample clearances around the two min mark. He says Quincy Jones charged him 60 K. Ouch. 

On The Come-Up: It’s The Official

Come on b,

That Redman video you posted was jacked from our site

Watch out for the biters out there, they might be comin for you next, lol.

Apparently the homie JC had it first.

FTW: The Meaning of Dope

The Great Memorial Day Adventures of Young Jeezy


“If your pussy clean, let me hear you scream!”

In case you ain’t know, Young Jeezy and the CTE did it big in the MIA last weekend. And of course, somebody had to shoot it. My favorite part: Jizzle and the crew walkin’ home from the club. And oh yeah, Mr. Jenkins has a new motto this year: “It’s just us and the guns.” “Fuck swag, nigga. I got savoir-faire.” Bet Curtis approves that message.

And oh yeah, the soundtrack here is track #17 off the new mixtape.

Heads Up: Nigel x HipHopStan

Run-D.M.C. UK Interview (1997)


Robbie just hipped me to this interview the King from Queens did with some kooky UK morning show around 12 years ago. If you recall around that time, a Jason Nevins remix of “It’s Like That” brought the group back on the international radar. Witness a docile DMC, an aggy Run and an always calm-under-pressure-no-need-to-act-ill, Jam Master Jay in what would be the beginning of the group’s end.

FTW: Crate Digga