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Cassie Nude Flicks Ain’t Helping Sales


A lotta speculation was out that Cassie and/or someone from the Bad Boy camp allegedly leaked those naked flicks in order to create a buzz for the pretty girl who can’t seem to get her second album out. Well, if that’s the case, it ain’t working. According to Billboard, she’s moving a steady 2,000 downloads a week. Not good. Maybe once the video up top (get it?) is complete and released, things will improve. But this joint looks far from the classic Puffy promised us. (Looks like they took video down but Diddy said it. I can prove it. Ha!)

Mos Def “Ms. Fat Booty” Live


I was lookin’ for one thing and found this. Don’t know when and where this happened, but here’s Mos doin’ the big single from the Rawkus days. The Aretha Franklin sample is still one of my favorite breaks. Great job, Ayatollah.

Bonus: This looks like it’s from the same show. If so, it was six months ago, in Oaktown.


Eminem’s Prelapse Special


Think the very beginning of Eminem’s Shade 45 Prelapse special is missing here. But what is here is pretty interesting. Peace to the Daddy Reef gettin’ his O.G. Source Music Editor on. Listen up.

DJ Quik’s Production Secrets


“Not Fruity Loops, bitch”

Moog and SP-1200 machines, mic pre-amp talk, yup this is some true producer geek shit as DJ Quik gives up some good tips. Hey young trackmasters, you’re all welcome!

A lot more revealing than this shit.