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Amalgam Digital vs. Joe Budden

How’s this for role reversal. A rep from Amalgam Digital turned to Twitter today and called out Joe Budden for the delay of Great Escape. Joe later responded to the label’s gripes. Here’s an excerpt of his rebuttal: cliff note version – dude wanted 2 sign SH, didn’t happen…I signed a 2 album deal after PR, 1 digital, 1 physical w/ a 140k advance all in… 80 2 be paid up front, 60 4 them to hold 2 pay producers, […]

Jay Rock Interview (RR SXSW)

Before touchin’ the stage at the Respect The West showcase, Jay took a moment to holla at his yellow brother in a dark corner. He addresses all the attention he’s gotten from his quarrel with Ice Cube and plugs the mixtape that just dropped a few hours ago. Timing!