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Jim Jonsin Talks T.I.’s Return

T.I.P.’s already home and back on his grind. Producer, Jim Jonsin says T.I. is diligently working on his next LP and hasn’t missed a step. “He was so upbeat, his spirits were up, and he’s excited to be out and working. He hasn’t changed, he sounded exactly like he did when I talked to him months before he went in…He’s back in the studio. I sent him some music via email. He can work during the week and not on […]

Ruff Ryders Reunion LP Coming Soon

Ruff Ryders CEO Waah Dean told HHW that Ruff Ryders Evolution: Generation I is nearly complete and is expected to drop during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of this year. Ride Buy or Die. “We got a couple of nice joints.  It’s gonna be a mixture of the old and new… we got this joint called “Family.” We got a remix on it too and we want to launch the compilation with that. It’s expressing a lot of how families should […]

The Mob Squad On 92.3 Now

This is how not to give an on-air interview. Last week, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Trey Songz appeared on New York’s 92.3 FM to promote their upcoming Blueprint 3 Tour. After a series of awkward questions, The Mob Squad turn the tables and toy with host, Chunky. Take a listen. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Sidebar: Trey plugs the BP3 tour to the 1515 Boys and pretends they’re all gonna do a song together.