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New Music: Wale “The Meeting”

“Atlantic said I’d make a million selling those ringtones/ But when you timeless, you ain’t thinkin’ of ringtones/ I’m thinkin’ of classic material for me Joe” And here goes another unreleased track. Produced by Osinachi, Wale shopped this to record labels in 2007. At one point, he was considering using it as the intro to Attention Deficit. Pay attention. Elitaste

Sade “Soldier Of Love” Tracklist

As Sade prepares for her musical resurgence, here is the tracklist from her forthcoming album, Soldier Of Love. Fall in February 8th. 1. The Moon And The Sky 2. Soldier Of Love 3. Morning Bird 4. Baby Father 5. Long Hard Road 6. Be That Easy 7. Bring Me Home 8. In Another Time 9. Skin 10. The Safest Place Heads up: Nav

Alicia Keys NYC Album Release Party

Alicia promised to navigate through the concrete jungle during the release week of her album. Friday night, she kept her word with an appearance at M2 nightclub in NYC. With Funkmaster Flex on the wheels and Swizzy by her side, AK gave an impromptu performance”Empire State Of Mind”. You’re right Alica, that mic was wack! YK2

R.I.P. Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy died earlier today from a heart attack in Los Angeles. She was 32. Murphy made a name for herself in 1995’s Clueless and in 2002, starred as Eminem’s love interest in 8 Mile. Above is a montage of them from the film. TMZ