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New Music: De La Soul “Forever”
de la

In my humble opinion, this is the only listenable song off this legendary group’s latest project with Nike. It’s not always about postin’ music—just because it’s new. At Rap Radar, we occasionally put up new music we personally co-sign. You might wanna try that sometime.

{mp3}10 forever{/mp3} 

Nas’ Poppa Was A Player
nas and

New York interviews Nasir’s ol’ man, Olu Dara. Father always knows best.

He also raps about you, most notably on “Poppa Was a Player.”

Oh, I heard that in the street one day. Years ago, I was walking down

the street, and I heard his voice, and I asked the guys on the stoop,

who is that? They said, that’s Nas! Looking at me like an old man, ‘you

don’t know about this shit.’ They said, ‘he’s talking about his father

Olu.’ And they kept listening. I said, ‘I’m Olu.’ And they looked at me

like, ‘get the hell out of here.’

{mp3}11 poppa was a player{/mp3} 

Spotted: Clovito

RR Exclusive: Inside Khaled Khaled’s Studio

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“Is that all you monkey’s got?!”

No dancing this time, but this is still an interesting look into the making of Deeper Than Rap. After the jump, The Penguin pecks at Ricky to finalize the album’s tracklist. That Toomp sample cost some paper, huh? Let me find out.