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Scott Storch Got High Off Cocaine
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?uestlove’s former BFF talks more about his affair with that white girl. (No Christina Aguilera).
“I think had more self-control than a lot of people, and it took

control of me, I didn’t

even see it happening … just going further out there. Then you look

in the mirror one day and realize, ‘Wow, I don’t like what I see.’ I

knew I had to do something about it. I had a long run for, like, probably 10 years with no

vacation,” he explained. “I never went out. I was not the guy at the

club. I was almost scared of going to the club. All of a sudden, I

found myself working with certain artists from L.A. and hanging out in

L.A. and being introduced to a whole new lifestyle … and getting in

trouble with them…It wasn’t like an escape for me. It was more like I was having

so much fun and, for the first time being let out of the studio, it was

like the mad scientist on the loose,” he continued. “All of sudden,

pictures were snapping and I was famous and it went to my head, I

guess. I had to come back to earth…We all think we’re not going to get that point,” he said about

losing control. “It sneaks up on you real fast. … You don’t think

it’s affecting you, but it does. People probably didn’t enjoy talking

to me when I was high on cocaine, ’cause I had a friend of mine saying

[recently], ‘This is the first time I talked to you ever. You’re

focused on the conversation; you’re focused on everything you do.

You’re more methodical with your thinking.’ It’s serious.”

See kids, if you get hooked, it’s no one else’s fault. So don’t do it !

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The Making of GZA’s Liquid Swords

Every other site that I go—I see the same posts. Ha! And a lot of them are stocked with plenty of Wu-connected content lately. As a close witness to RZA’s masterplan powerfully penetrating the mainstream in the early 90’s, it’s with a heavy heart I try to remain as positive as I can about the state of Shaolin in 2009. But it’s so hard. The catalogue is so classic, anything released in the last few years fails badly in comparison. Oh well. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m waxing nostalgic admiring legacy over an article in Wax Poetics that Diggers Union discovered. GZA, The Clan’s Capo recalls his super second album and drops plenty of gems. Here’s one. Peace God!

“4th Chamber”—Crazy, crazy song. If I ever do a rock album, not saying I would, but if I did, it would have to be on that kind of vibe. It would musically have to sound like “Rock Box” from Run DMC. Making “4th Chamber” was crazy because I didn’t have a rhyme ready for that one. That’s why I went last on it [laughs]. Plus, Ghost killed it with his verse so I knew I had to come correct.

This is one of three songs that crowds always go crazy for when we do a Wu show. As soon as they hear the [imitates opening guitar sound] they just explode. It’s not even a GZA song to me—it’s a Wu-Tang song. And Ghost’s verse is [just] incredible to me. He delivered so well. I don’t know if you saw the video, I directed that too. This song, the guest verses, the video, the crowd response, all turned out perfect for this one.

Red Cafe Talks About His New Mixtape
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Bad Boy’s newest indentured servant talks to the 1515 Boys’ Shaheem Reid about his new mixtape hosted by slave master P. Diddy.
“The new mixtape is on the way. This new

mixtape is gonna be so tough. It’s hosted by Diddy; it’s gonna be

crazy. Something special. You gonna have freestyles on there, original

records on there you never heard… Every record on here is brand

new. Everything was designed totally for this tape. The people are

gonna soak this up crazy. Puff is gonna be on there doing what he do,

screaming and hollering and banging for the project, because he’s

married to it. He likes what we’re doing. He said ‘I wanna be a part of

it. I like what you’re doing. I’m gonna host your joint for you.'” 

RR Rumor: Amber Rose Complex Cover

A few lil birdies told me Kanye’s boo has been upgraded from Smooth magazine status to an upcoming Elle inside-the-book portfolio and a Complex cover. That’s right, my son NCB who slutted out Aubrey and got Cassie to flash her ass, is sure to soon deliver the goodness to get you geeks out of your post Tahiry doldrums. Get your cocoa butter, busters!

RR Exclusive: Jay-Z’s Arizona Show Set List

Jay-Z has a big concert at Arizona Stadium tonight and according to this report, he’s makin’ a pretty penny. What a shocker! Anyways, I told dude today was a slow news day, so he sent me these photos. Courtesy of the Big Homie’s blackberry, so don’t get your eyes blurry trying to make sense of the words written by the hand that don’t write. Ha!

I hope somebody in desi has a flip cam.

Hey, Mr. DJ: 2.0


Who knew you could do so much shit on an iPhone? In the clip, some genius developed an application that allows him to get his Grandwizard Theodore on. His vid is a response to this. Man, this is like that scene out of Juice—minus Pac’s trigger happy ass, of course.

Props: Megatron Don