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RR Exclusive: Clipse “Intro” Live At Webster Hall

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Last night in the Rotten Apple, Malice and Pusha performed for an intimate crowd at Webster Hall. If you missed it, RR’s gotcha back and ya front. Pause? In the first song of their set, the Thorntons rocked the intro from last years Play Cloths mixtape. Don’t change that dial, more footage is on the way.

T.I.’s Farewell Tour Featuring Rev. Al Sharpton

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Days away from turning himself in, Clifford was in Harlem today with Al Sharpton encouragin’ the youth to put the pistols down. I agree with the message, but seeing the Rev get all touchy-feely with Tip and declaring himself “a gangsta” makes me nauseous. 

Before his exit, a confident T.I. assured the audience he’d emerge from his prison sentence stronger than ever. “When I get back — ’cause I will be back — you’ll see me standing stronger, wiser and richer.” 

It’s a skid bid. Let’s go already.

DeAndre Wants Kanye and Jay-Z


It was a rough start (“Bird Walk”, anyone?) but now that Soulja Boy has dodged the sophomore jinx, he’s got his eyes on album number tre and his dream of collaborating with hip-hop’s elite. Plus it looks like the gimmicks are over.

“My first two albums, I never did tell people my story,” he said. “I just put out fun records. … Now that people got these hits, it’s time to go in on ‘em.” 

I like this kid.

Sidebar: Unplugged!


Jadakiss Makes His First iTunes Purchase


In the clip, Jason attempts to purchase CNN’s Channel 10 via Mr. Jobs. In Kiss’ defense, I’ve never bought anything off of iTunes either. Call me old fashion, but I’d rather go to my local mom-n-pop and cop the actual CD—hard plastic and all.

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