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Its The Real: Trade In Full
How could I let the day slip by without posting the latest clip from the Rosenthal Bros? Shame on me. This week Eric and Jeff swap their favorite hip-hop trading cards.
“Tell you what. I have a really old LL Cool J that I’ll throw in just to sweeten the deal.
Wait, this is from last year.
Yeah, I know.
Bow Wow Announces Retirement
In the clip, Lil Bow Weezy tells Nigel D that New Jack City II is his final album. Hmm, news to me. Now, we all know YN defecates on Shad, but ya can’t front on the lil’ guy: Sold out tours, films, Arsenio Hall, Doggystyle appearance? Not bad. *tips durag* Adios amigos. But you’ll be back. I’ve seen this movie before.
Spotted: broken cool via Real talk NY
Update: Charles Hamilton Is Not Wale’s Nigga
At a recent gig in Atlanta, Whale Wale gives a roll call of his “niggas” in the biz. When he mentions Dukie’s name at the 1:20 mark, he says the following:
“Charles Hamilton. That’s not my nigga. Any real nigga, don’t run behind your back and say some bullshit. Especially if he know you gon check him not check him on a record. It’s ok, we all young rappers growing up.”
In case you forgot, these guys tried to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes on April’s Fools Day. But, I’m not buying it.
Update: Dukie responds: 
“I’m not his n1gga. And? He didn’t diss me… besides, I think this is

the show he was telling me about… or was it the show where in a

freestyle he said “F*ck Charles Hamilton”? I don’t know/care. if its an

issue, I’m sure as vocal as Wale is, we’ll hear about it. I mean, other

rappers did entire interviews thoroughly explaining their issue with

me. Then again, they got ignored, too. Damn. When I go fishing for a

shark, I end up with tadpoles at the end of my fishing rod. Shucks…

oh well… Until the next time I speak to Wale, this gets filed under



~~Charles Hamilton~~

The fuck?
Props: H.E.R.