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New Music: Sean Price “Godfather Part P” x “Goodnite”

Dre just liberated two cuts off Ruck’s October 27th release, Kimbo Price: The Prelude to Mic Tyson. In the first round, P takes M.O.B.B’s cinematic track and goes in. Round 2, it’s lights out as Nickel Nine and Petro step into the ring. Iron Mike cameos included. P! “You get madd glory/ And your flow is mad corny/ Ya tight ass clothes put you in the fag category”—Sean “The Internet trying to indict a man/ The web changing the world like […]

Big Sean x Miguel “Ashley”
Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 11.46.11 AM

There’s a body in the trunk and it’s Big Sean who’s kidnapped and abducted by a crazy couple. Directed by Ellis Bahl, this visual is super violent and creepy. What’s the message to the madness? Infidelity comes with a heavy price. And it ain’t nothing nice. Dig a hole.—YN

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