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Alicia Keys Preps Positive Blog

On the set of a photo shoot for her new album, AK reveals to AP at the 1:28 mark that she’s planting her flag on the Internets. Damn, more competition. “I felt there’s a missing piece in the blog world that allows you to have a really, inspiring positive experience. We don’t have to tear each other down to have a good time… It really calls out to all those brilliant,  amazing, fantastic women every day that are doing their […]

Def Jam 25: Joe Budden “Joe Budden”

Once upon a time, Joe Budden was billed as The Streetz # 1 Draft Pick. After a string of mixtape releases, Def Jam added him to their roster in 2001 and two years later released his self-titled debut. A VH1 special soon followed (Anyone remember that?!) and the disc clocked at 429,158 after spawning three singles  (“Pump It Up” , “Focus”, and “Fire”). Unfortunately, Def Jam stunted his follow up, The Growth and he was dropped in 2007. For his […]