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Rachel Roy Hits The Road Jack 

First the Fat Boys break up and now this. According to the NY Daily News, Damon Dash’s wife Rachel Roy, has filed for divorce after four years of marriage.

The breakup is the latest legal mess for the has-been hip-hop titan, whose empire – which he once pegged at “about $50 million” in a New York magazine profile – has crumbled under massive debt, bad business deals and one suit after another.


Dash, who in 2005 sold his stake in Rocawear to Jay-Z for $20 million, owes $2 million in state taxes, and a bank has started foreclosure proceedings on his two Tribeca condos. A Manhattan judge even ordered the city to seize his luxury Chevrolet Tahoe SUV last year when he couldn’t make the $714.99 monthly payment. He’s also being sued by law firms and landlords for not paying his bills.


Good grief, Dame. WWJD?


T.I. Speaks on New ATL Rappers

 [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891889&w=425&h=350&fv=]

“I think they all represent different movements. B.o.B from Yung L.A., they’re light years away. No pun intended I think that it’s great that the city is still growing, that the movement is alive and well. It gives me great honor and great pleasure to be able to present so many of these acts and to be responsible for the cultivating of their careers.”

Nonetheless, The Juiceman > OJ Da Juiceman. Aye!

Doom In Rolling Stone
Doom RS

Don’t know if this runs in the magazine or only online (I’d say most likely the latter) but it’s cool to see the house that Wenner built build with this reclusive rapper. Zev Love X (That’s when I knew the nigga) is as off the rocker as usual and promises to keep pullin’ the okey doke at shows.

“I tell you one thing: when you come to a Doom show, come expecting to hear music, don’t come expecting to see. You never know who you might see. It has nothing to do with a visual thing. Use your mind and think. I might be there. Next time I do a show, I might tell everybody to close they eyes. Use your own mind’s eye. That’s better than a camera phone, know what I’m sayin’?’ ”

Sounds like dude’s too lazy to show up to gigs and would rather jerk the promoters. Pause! Ha!

Doom in RS

Jim Jones in NY TImes!
Jones NY Times

Say word. We all know my homie Jon Caramanica sleeps with Diplomats boxers on so it’s only fitting on the day that Prey IV Reign drops, Jim Jones get a big profile in the NY Times. That’s right, the Capo in the paper of record. This guy’s come a long way from slappin’ kufis. I mean he’ll still do that… you know what I mean.

Here’s a quote you don’t see Jomo say every day. 

“I don’t want to be around the action-packed stuff now. I just want to be a rapper. I want to be like MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice and them. I’m living a cliché. I don’t want the bad part. I want the fluffy part sometimes.”

Jim Jones, Longtime Sidekick, Moves His Rap Act To Center Stage

Cam’ron Gets It In Orlando?

“I’m kinda running with Orlando right now. I mean, I got a place down there in Florida. And I like the Magic not just cause of Rafe, but because Dwight Howard is a monster, man.”

Guess Lil Wayne was busy ’cause ESPN took the time to chop it up with Killa Cam about his baller past and his love of roundball. No homo.

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