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New Music: Busta Rhymes “How You Really Want It”

My label exec is dancin’ on me…

Busta over a Transformers sample? The Dungeon Dragon loves rhymin’ over some weird shit. And who told Jesse West he could spit on this? No wonder it’s an iTunes bonus and isn’t a part of the Bullshit.

{mp3}16 how you really want it{/mp3}

Props: YK2


My label exec is still dancin’ on me…


Someone Tell Fab It’s a Vlog Not A Blog


I know I’m kinda new on this Internets shit, but when you record a video message it’s a vlog. When you write some shit, it’s a blog. And can we get that background noise down a tad. SMH. I can’t hear what the nigga’s saying. Nigel, talk to your man.

In The Studio With Slaughterhouse


“You reachin’ for a pause.”

Joe Budden’s first post-surgery vlog. I wonder if he holds the camera in the other hand. Ha! Still no shots. Almost seven minutes long and no new music played? Rhymes with pale.

Update: T.I.’s Farewell Concert Video


“Nigga when you the muthafuckin’ boss who else is it to tell on?”

Finally some good footage from last Sunday’s show before Cliff turned himself in. As you can see he really can’t get over the backstabbers who thought he’d be locked for a long time and said his career would be over. And don’t you dare call him a snitch. Is this thug motivation?

Props: Kid Genius

Update: Part 2 includes some actual rappin’.


Dr. Dre’s Dr. Pepper Commercial

 [vodpod id=ExternalVideo.891298&w=425&h=350&]

This Billboard report claims the beats played here are from Detox. If so, the Doc must be on that Diddy electronica shit. Let’s hope not.

Wu-Tang Clan Live At The Apollo 1997

{mp4-flvremote width=”540″ height=”350″}{/mp4-flvremote}

Truthfully: YN’s personal favorite album of all-time is Wu-Tang Forever. These clips are chaotic. These clips are anarchic. These clips are genius. 5 Wu bangers included. Bless the person who put this up on YouTube.