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’12 Best R&B Albums: #1 Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream

Following a series of EPs, Miguel dodges the sophomore jinx with the release of his second studio album, Kaleidoscope Dream. He sets the mood with the modern day classic “Adorn” and inspires more sexual healings on “Don’t Look Back” and “Do You…”. Behind the bedroom doors, he shows his tender side (“Use Me”) but then quickly takes control between the sheets (“Pussy Is Mine”, “How Many Drinks”). Things only get better when he glides over the 808s on “Arch & Point” […]

’12 Best R&B Albums: #2 Frank Ocean channel ORANGE

Although the critically-acclaimed, Nostalgia, Ultra was never released commercially, Francis Ocean made up for it with his major label debut, channel ORANGE. Embodied by a wide variety of music genres including neo-soul (“Sweet Life”), a touch of pop (“Lost”) and a splash of electro-funk (“Monks”), Mr. Ocean pulls off a fully realized work of art. Sorry Bridget Kelly, but the Grammy-nominated “Thinking Bout You” was meant to be recorded by the author. And we couldn’t imagine anyone but Andre 3000 […]

’12 Best R&B Albums: #3 The Weeknd Trilogy

Since The Weeknd stepped on the scene in 2011, he’s delivered three critically-acclaimed digital pieces. On his major label debut, Trilogy, he reintroduces himself to the masses by re-releasing them all together commercially and adding three new tracks to close out each chapter. Abel pre-games his nightly affairs on Houses of Balloons before diving into the piano-driven first offering “Twenty Eight”. As Thursday arrives, the love tale continues (“The Birds Part 1 & Part 2”) before he finally professes his heart […]

’12 Best R&B Albums: #4 Ne-Yo R.E.D.

Ne-Yo’s isn’t satisfied with the state of R&B. He said so himself. But instead of being bitter, he took himself to task and released last year’s delight, R.E.D. Honesty is the best policy. And Ne-Yo shows his vulnerability with “Cracks in Mr. Perfect” before segueing into the baby maker “Lazy Love”. Compatibility seems to be a reoccurring theme throughout R.E.D. He seeks for his better half on (“Be The One”, “Miss Right”) and with Wiz Khalifa as a wingman, he finds his perfect match […]