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’12 Worst Albums #1: Chief Keef Finally Rich

Chief Keef is a terrible rapper. After signing to Interscope in June, he released his debut Finally Rich six months later. Aside from Young Chop’s production (“Love Sosa”, “I Don’t Like” ) Finally Rich is sonically bankrupt. Throughout the project, Keef’s incoherent (“Kay Kay”, “Laughin To The Bank”) and incomprehensible (“No Tomorrow”, “Understand Me”, “Citgo”). When he’s not not rapping in fragments (“Hate Bein’ Sober”), the closest he comes to articulating a sentence is on the title track, “Finally Rich”. Money can’t buy […]

’12 Worst Albums: #2 Kreayshawn Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay

Surprise surprise, Kreayshawn finds herself back on one of our “Worst” lists. Her signature single “Gucci Gucci” may have caught millions of views on the Tube as well as gotten her a deal with Sony, but the end result of her debut album was very painful to sit through in its entirety. Only good thing here is DJ Two Stacks’ production on “Summertime” and “Left Ey3” but not even a KiD Cudi hook (“Like It Or Love It”) nor 2 […]

’12 Worst Albums: #3 Ja Rule PIL 2

Eight long years. Eight long years. Released during his current incarceration for gun possession and tax evasion, PIL 2 was Ja Rule’s first album since 2004’s R.U.L.E. Damn, that’s hard to believe. Ja decided to stick to the old script and re-connect with producer Aurelius Seven who handled the entire project. Too bad this beatmaker has lost his touch. Even the somewhat enjoyable opener “Real Life Fantasty”, where Ja laments the loss of fellow Murder Inc. artists, sounds too choppy. […]

’12 Worst Albums: #4 Azealia Banks 1991

Azealia Banks kept it short on 1991. But depending on who you ask, she probably could’ve kept it to herself. Azealia’s efforts are admirable, but her EP is a messy integration of dance and hip-hop. Filling the void of Snap! and Crystal Waters is tough, but unlike her predecessors, Azealia’s lyrics are convoluted and shielded behind mindless instrumentals. 1991 was a good year, but we’ll leave this one in 2012.

’12 Worst Albums: #5 Diggy Unexpected Arrival

Diggy’s my nigga, I hate it had to be him. But Unexpected Arrival was dead on arrival. Run’s son showed great potential on his “Made You Look” debut but his first album fails to ignite. He stumbles out the gate on “Hello World”, loses our interest on “I Need To Know” and guest Jadakiss can’t save the painful “88.” Young Simmons asserts himself better on “Two Up” and “4 Letter Word” and even adds some singing in the mix. But […]