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’12 Worst Singles: #1 Driicky Graham “Snapbacks & Tattoos”

From time to time, young rappers think it’s cool to use a fashion trend as the main focal point in their music. And this year, the 21-year-old NC upstart decided to hop on the bandwagon and dropped off his ode to his bodily ink and those hats with the straps. If the annoying loop and the dense hook aren’t bad enough, it’s the simple raps that top it all: “I’m international/Y’all niggas vaginal/I pass through, fresh to death/You’ve now entered […]

’12 Worst Singles: #2 Nicki Minaj “Stupid Hoe”

For those brave enough to make it through Roman Reloaded all the way, Nicki took her alter-ego to hideous levels on its final stretch. Although the visual is pleasant on the eyes, make sure you turn the volume down. With a wacky bubble-popping sound and grating chorus plaguing throughout, Roman Zolanski filled this end of 2011-released diss record with lines that’ll even make Kimberly chuckle (” Hey yo, baby bop, fuck you and your EP/Who’s gassin’ this hoe? BP?” ). Uh, who gassed you, ma?

’12 Worst Singles: #3 LL Cool J “Ratchet”

It breaks our hearts to hear this coming from the G.O.A.T. Ironically off his forthcoming Authentic Hip Hop, Uncle L decided to pass on the sophisticated ladies for the trashy and obnoxious chicks “She’s so ratchet, she’s so ratchet/But she’s so bad we could throw cash at it/First I’m gonna smash it, then I’m gonna leave it”. And you can take this track here with you. Sorry, Todd. The around-the-way girls are the ones for us.

’12 Worst Singles #4: Ca$h Out “Cashin’ Out”

Ca$h Out rode around last spring with two girls named “Nina” and “Keisha” on his breakout single, “Cashin Out”. From its quirky beat, meaningless lyrics and cheesy chorus, the song was tailored made for radio fluff. Although the track earned Ca$h Out a gold plaque, it wasn’t enough for the honeys to stay. “Nina” and “Keisha” haven’t been heard from since.

’12 Worst Singles: #5 2 Chainz x Kanye West “Birthday Song”

Birthday’s come once a year, but 2 Chainz’s hit “Birthday Song” won’t go away. Outside of the gentleman’s club, the track is a grating listen. Chainz opens his verse with the flat line “She got a big booty, so I call her ‘Big Booty’”. Matters are made worse with the ridiculous chorus, “When I die, bury me inside the Gucci store/When I die, bury me inside the Louie store.” Kanye eventually shows up to the party, but fails to leave […]