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360 Everywhere And Back Release Party

Earlier this week, 360 held a listening/release party at the Midtown Loft & Terrace for his excellent debut, Everywhere And Back. It was a packed house and later that night, he gave a performance of “Drink and Celebrate” and “What Goes Up”. Download Everywhere And Back for free here.

New Music: 360 “Drink And Celebrate”

“Started flippin’ bricks cause I figured that’s the ki to blow…“ This has been on repeat ever since 360 posted it on his Twitter account. Here’s the final leak off the Queens rapper’s debut, Everywhere And Back. Produced by Dark Nyte, this sounds tailor-made for the FM dial or a backyard jam.

360 Everywhere And Back Cover; Trailer

After releasing a string of quality recordings, Prefix’s “Next Big Artist” is set to release his debut project, Everywhere And Back on April 3rd. Floor is yours, 360. Trailer after the cut. A lot of people think I’m some kind of, overnight-ass-nigga, when in reality, I’ve been putting in work since 2004.  I stepped away from music for a bit and during that time, I feel like i’ve seen it all and done it all.   I want to share […]

New Music: 360 “Talk To ‘Em”

“How you bitter, but you follow me on Twitter?…” Good question. Produced by Majik, here’s the recording 360 did while at the Converse Rubber Track Studios a few weeks back. Intoxicating beat and flow. Once you’re done with that, peruse his interview with Mr. Daniel Knight. era

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