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New Video: 360 “Don’t Let Up”

“All you rappers coming up, got a month to get it straight/ This the infomercial, you’ll get ripped in 30 days” Fair warning. 360‘s not letting up and for his new video, he and his crew hitch a ride through Queens on the 7 Line. New York may be in good shape after all. Directed by The Dark Nyte. #Foot2NeckSeason, bitch.

J.Cole Builds Track With 360

Fresh off his Jimmy Fallon performance, J.Cole’s already back to work. Here’s footage of him letting the beat build at Engine Room Audio with newcomer, 360. Around town, the Queens native’s been making a name for himself with his, “360 Was Here” campaign. His video, “Mr. Blue Sky” ain’t half bad neither. Check out his EPK after the jump. props: karencivil Sidebar: J.Cole Speaks On Grammys

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