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New Video: 3D Na’Tee “Dear. Mr. Zimmerman”

As George Zimmerman enjoys his freedom, 3D Na’Tee prowls the streets and sends him an open letter. Don’t shoot. Says her: Like many of you, I was shocked this past Saturday when the all female acquitted murderer George Zimmerman of Trayvon Martin’s murder. To be honest with you, of course I smelled the strong stench of racism looming around this case but for me the verdict became less about justice failing and more about the fact that in America, even […]

New Video: 3D Na’Tee “Church”

Looks can be deceiving. Inspired by Malcom Little, Na’Tee pulls out the assault rifle and stays alert in her new clip. Says 3D Na’Tee: I woke up yesterday morning with this song on my mind so as I sat home alone, I decided to grab my camera and my tripod to give you a visual for it. Directed and edited by me but heavily inspired by Malcolm. He is one of my favorites. Church…

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