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50 Cent Explains Shawty Lo Deal

When it was announced that Shawty Lo signed to G-Unit Records two weeks ago, it left many scratching their heads. This morning, Fif turned to his Twitter account to provide clarity regarding the signing. Announcement: I have a vision for the music business I worked on this idea for some time now its called 50’s new 50/50. @thatsshawtylo Is the first to sign the deal. He is the head of his own label D4L records and is now being powered […]

50 Cent Releasing A Book On Bullying

How’s this for irony? The rapper who is most well-known for picking beefs with Hip Hop’s top MCs is writing a book about bullying. Curtis Jackson will be penning a novel titled, Playground, which is centered around a 13-year-old bully “who finds redemption as he faces what he’s done” and is scheduled for a January 2012 release. Fif says: “I had a strong desire to write ‘Playground’ because I wanted to explore how a kid becomes a bully. I drew on events from […]

50 Cent Releasing New Album In Nov. ?

Curtis isn’t backing down without a fight. Just three days after releasing a new track, he says he plans to drop his fifth solo album in five months—or did he mean in 2012? Ha! hhnm Sidebar: 50 Cent On Detox Next Single UPDATE: Turns out that Action Jackson will destruct again.

50 Cent Puts New Album On Hold

  She doesn’t look too happy either. Anyway, Curtis announced early this morning on Twitter that he is not releasing his next album this year unless creative differences with his label are resolved. Ok I tried to be cool with my record company. I went to the meeting talk to everyone and sh*t feels like there moving in slow motion. I’m sorry to announce I will not be releasing a new album this year if we don’t get on the same […]