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A$AP Rocky On MTV Hottest MCs List

A$AP Rocky’s got a fuckin’ problem. While on Power 106 in L.A. he said he was upset about securing the eighth seed on MTV’s Hottest MCs list. Below is a transcript of why he felt he deserved the number one spot. All my videos are shitting on any hip-hop video out there, let’s be honest. The reason why everyone is wearing gold again is because of your boy. Everybody’s wearing diamonds. I’m the one that who made the John Lennon […]

A$AP Rocky: #8 Hottest MC In The Game

From Harlem to Hottest, A$AP Rocky occupies the eighth seed on MTV’s MC roundtable. At the end of the day, rhymes pay. From the Rick Owens leathers to the Balenciaga finery, there’s no denying A$AP Rocky is a certified fashion killa (you can check his influence in other rapper’s closets). But the Harlem upstart spits more than designer labels from that gold-plated mouth. He followed his lean-drenched mixtape, Live.Love.A$AP, with a chart-topping debut that shows off his versatility and a penchant for crossing state lines when it […]

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