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Al Lindstrom Interviews Jason Geter

T.I.’s manager pulls up next to the fire for his interview with Al Lindstrom. We could tell you what was discussed, but the description below does that for us. We chop it up with Grand Hustle’s CEO and T.I.’s manager Jason Geter. In the interview we talk about the beginning of his career, moving to ATL, and finding T.I.. We also discuss if T.I. is forced to make a come back, his Hip Hop Since 1978 deal, and them looking […]

Al Lindstrom’s 2011 MVP

In the final clip from Al Lindstrom’s 2011 year end round table, the brain trust picks the 2011 Most Valuable Player. Say what you want, but those MMG guys had one helluva year. Previously: Rookie Of The Year l 6th Man Of The Year

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