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Eminem Salutes Shade 45 Anniversary

For the last six years, Shade 45 has impacted airwaves with new music and exclusive interviews. So to commemorate their day, Eminem called The Morning After with Angela Yee. He thanked the listeners and said he’s currently in the studio with Dr. Dre. Yep, the hype is real!

Angela Yee Interviews Lupe Fiasco (Shade 45)

The Morning After With Angela Yee put Lupe Fiasco through the the ringer today on Shade 45. Lu spoke thoroughly on a bunch of subjects. Here’s what he had to say: Break 1: Lupe speaks on Fiasco Friday. Break 2: Lupe explains his gripe with MTV and blogs. Break 3: Lu talks 360 deal and Atlantic Records. Break 4: Calls from fans Break 5: Talks support from Atlantic Records and book deals. Previously: Lupe Fiasco “The Show Goes On“

Saigon Returning To Entourage ?

Saigon was a guest on The Morning After With Angela Yee today and said following the release of his album Greatest Story Never Told next year, he may reprise his role for the final season of the HBO series, Entourage. Sai appeared on the show during the second season. He also speaks on receiving a grant for his non-profit organization, In Arms Reach.

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