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Moment Of Clarity: B.Dot vs. Hot 97 II

Rosenberg:1. First off let’s be clear, this conversation was started by and has been fueled by bloggers who more than anything want to be on this radio station, alright? And that’s fine, so did I. 2. But I worked my way through the minor leagues for years to get to have this “dreaded Sunday night timeslot”, as it was referred to by my man B.Dot 3. And real quick, a lot of these bloggers talking trash about commercials we play […]

Moment Of Clarity: B.Dot vs. Hot 97

I’ve had it up to here with New York City radio. After hearing the same three songs in less than an hour on Hot 97, I tweeted  “A NYC radio DJ could incorporate at LEAST 5 local records into their daily mix. But they don’t. Kinda sad. Yo @oldmanebro, change must come!” @oldmanebro is Ebro Darden. He’s an Oakland native and Program Director of Hot 97. PDs are the boss of a radio station. Ebro responded to my tweet and a debate ensued including […]

B.Dot On Shade 45’s All Out Show

Yours truly took over the Shade 45 airwaves yesterday on the All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear. The station’s looking to add new music, so they called on the kid to help ’em out. My selections? Kendrick Lamar’s “Money Trees” and Macklemore’s “Can’t Hold Us”. Afterward, we spoke on Shyne’s review of good. kid, m.A.A.d city. Week 2: Back for another week, I highlighted Young Jeezy’s “We Done It Again” and newcomer Deezo‘s “Deck”

MTV2 Sucker Free: On The Radar (Ep. 2)

A week ago, MTV2‘s cameras returned to the Double R mansion for On The Radar. This time, I spoke on records from Slaughterhouse 2 Chainz, and Rick Ross. J.Cole’s “The Cure” would’ve made the cut, but he released it the day after filming. Bummer. In any event, tune in to Sucker Free every Sunday at 11 AM EST on MTV2.

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