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Big Sean #6: Hottest MC In The Game

Big Sean pulls a swerve and lands at the sixth spot on MTV‘s list. Sorry, Kanye. When the members of MTV’s Hip-Hop Brain Trust sat down to discuss the year’s rankings, the Detroit rapper initially had the #8 spot. But no one could’ve predicted how much he would progress on the list. Indeed, the same could be said for Sean’s influence and impact on hip-hop over the past year.

’12 Best Singles: #6 G.O.O.D. Music “Mercy”

These days, posse cuts may seem oversaturated and underwhelming, but Cruel Summer‘s lead single was the complete opposite. Over a chopped up hook and a Fuzzy Jones soundbwoy-sample, Yeezy’s collective individually delivered. Big Sean takes off from the starting line with his repetitive flow while the metaphors from Pusha T soon followed behind (“I’m red leather, I’m cocaine, I’m Rick James, ho”). As the Scarface theme music slowly creeps in, Kanye pulls up with his boastful raps. However, it’s 2 Chainz’ closing verse that’s the […]

’12 Best Mixtapes: #2 Big Sean Detroit

Following the success of his Cruel Summer hits (“Mercy”, “Clique”) as well as Meek Mill’s “Burn”, Big Sean cordially invited fans to his hometown with his fourth mixtape, Detroit. The Motor City’s new shining star travels down the road to stardom on the opener “Higher” and depicts his lavish lifestyle over the soulful sounds of Barry White on “How I Feel”. Right on! Sean Don keeps the celebratory tracks intact (“Experimental”, “FFOE”, “Woke Up”) while stacking more than enough bread […]

’12 Best Guest Verses: #2 Big Sean “Burn”

Do you remember that producer Jahlil Beats gave this beat to Jadakiss first (“Paper Tags”)? Probably not. Because Meek Mill and Big Sean lyrically exploded all over the damn thing and made it theirs. This is a clash of two young titans who thankfully are on the same side. Like an old school rap group, the dynamic duo trade rhymes building off each other’s wordplay. Rap fans can argue all day about which MC got the better of the exchanges […]

Big Sean On Hot 97 (Angie Martinez)

Big Sean is currently in New York and visited Angie Martinez‘ rush hour drive. Besides flirting with Angie, here’s the topics that were discussed. Break 1: Talks his Grammys nominations and his current love life. Break 2: How his Detroit homecoming concert came about and the poverty in Detroit. Break 3: Discusses the Connecticut shooting and says Hall of Fame is 80% done.

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