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Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right Revisited Short Film

[vodpod id=Video.6710101&w=540&h=350&fv=wmode%3Dtransparent%26amp%3Bfile%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fjoblo.com%2Fvideo%2Fmedia%2Fflv%2Fbeastieboysfight.flv%26amp%3Bwidth%3D450%26amp%3Bheight%3D354%26amp%3Bpid%3Djo006%26amp%3Ballowscriptaccess%3Dalways%26amp%3Busefullscreen%3Dtrue%26amp%3Bsnapshot%3Dhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww.joblo.com%2Fvideo%2Fmedia%2Fscreenshot%2Fbeastieboysfight.jpg] The Beastie Boys caused some noise yesterday with their new video. And 3AM this morning, Comedy Central premiered their short film. The casts includes Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Danny McBride and many more. Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 drops May 3rd. joblo

Wiz Khalifa Covers Complex

Seven days before the release of Rolling Papers, Wiz and actor Danny “Kenny Powers” McBride cover the April/May 2011 edition of Complex. The entire cover story is available to read here as well. Behind the scenes video after the jump.