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DJ Drama Interviews J.Cole

While in Atlanta on Sunday, Coley Cole was in the hot seat with DJ Drama to speak on touring with Drake, the minor debacle with Diggy, his recent work with Kendrick Lamar and more. UPDATE: While in Atlanta for the Dollar & A Dream tour, J.Cole speaks on going against Yeezus, Jay-Z’s blessing to drop on the same day, the early leak of his album and more.

J.Cole On MTV Hottest MC List

While down in the A, J.Cole visited DJ Drama. While discussing Born Sinner and his joint project with Kendrick Lamar, he weighed in on MTV’s Hottest MC List and his exclusion. “I don’t know, but I don’t really give a fuck.  It is what it is. Think about it, from what they say, it’s the past year, I’ve had a quiet year. I should be on there. I don’t give a fuck, DJ Drama.  They’re fucking dead and I’m gonna kill […]

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